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Are you full of ideas, able to think outside the box, and turn your concepts into unique texts? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to try your hand at creating amazing content for XtremeThemes!

Do not rush to pass by if you are not good at developing templates and are not fully aware of all the subtleties of website builders. To write for us, you just need to figure out the basics of web design and be in the loop of the latest trends in this area. One more essential thing is the talent to present the insights freshly and make readers curious about the topic. We are always happy to welcome new skillful authors on the same wavelength as us!

What Are We Looking for?

XtremeThemes team values creativity, agility, and the pursuit of moving forward and improving. We will not deny that writing for us requires dedication and effort because the articles must attract attention. In a nutshell, we expect the following things:

  • Well-structured, unique articles. We would like to see original creators in our team who transform well-known material and present it extraordinarily, unlike the company’s competitors.
  • Relevance and quality research. XtremeThemes needs meaningful articles with references to authoritative resources, illustrative material, and eye-catching examples. We expect writers to be prominent in our products for their in-post ads.
  • Work done with inspiration. An amazing project is a project with a soul, so embody your ideas and brilliant thoughts in the text to bring it to life. Moreover, it is extremely important to implement cool tips and tricks to enter into a dialogue with customers.

The Target Audience of The XtremeThemes Blog

XtremeThemes readers are located all over the world. These are web developers, entrepreneurs, and marketplace owners looking for reliable sources of information and novelties in web design. Most of our audience is interested in working with XtremeThemes and eager to learn as much as possible about the company and products to ensure expertise and quality. Therefore, if you intend to write for us, you should try your best to get readers’ delight!

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