Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The team of XtremeThemes attaches special importance to data protection. If the procession of your personal data is required in the cases that are not stated below, our team will get your consent before such processing.

XtremeThemes fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while working with personal data that comprises your name, email, address, and phone number. We also follow other data protection rules applicable to XtremeThemes.

Here, you will find the types of information we collect, as well as the aim and process of data procession. You can get the information about the rights you get.

Being a data processor and data controller, XtremeThemes does its best to adopt various organizational and technical measures to guarantee full protection of your data on our website. Still, regarding the fact that there can be security gaps in all Internet-based data transmissions, we cannot ensure the absolute protection of data. As we constantly try to improve the process of data transferring, you are free to provide us with your personal data via any available means, such as email or ticket system.

Types of Information We Collect

Here, you can find details about certain types of data that we gather concerning website visitors and users.

1. Information about website visitors

When you visit the XtremeThemes website, we’ll obtain the data about the device type and the browser that you use. Also, we’ll get information about your IP address, network connection, the cookies on your device, and web analytics data.

2. Information from vendors

In order to provide you with our services and to make sure that we follow all legal requirements, we gather the following information: name, company name, phone number(s), and email address. Moreover, we require payment details (i.e., information related to your credit card) to verify your identity, pay commissions, invoice you, and give you other advertising and marketing details. We can also use your answers in support queries and your responses in the surveys we conduct for research purposes.

3. Information about subscription holders

We gather various contact details that include names, member names, email addresses, and phone number(s). XtremeThemes also keeps the data connected with your visits to our website, such as your IP address, and browser, as well as the information connected with payments and transactions. Furthermore, we process your support queries, web analytics data, and different answers to the surveys.

We can use this data to provide you with customer services, answer your responses, send updates and notifications, inform about changes in the privacy policy, and security alerts. This data allows us to prevent fraud and avoid threats.

4. Information from visitors using chat support

When you address XtremeThemes through the chat, we’ll get your name, email address, and other personal data you give our team in the chart. We’ll also have access to the information about the browser and device that you use. Furthermore, we can keep any additional information that you give us to provide support or verify your identity.

Ways and Cases of Collecting Personal Information

XtremeThemes will obtain your personal information when you undertake specific actions on our website, including registration, subscription purchase, downloading items, subscribing to our newsletter, submitting your feedback, participating in a contest, submitting answers to a survey, or sending us your details via other ways.

Usually, all the information we get comes directly from you. However, certain pieces of information can be received through third-party services, such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter, when you log in/connect to any third-party provider. The amount of information gathered in this way is regulated by the privacy rules of the service provider. We can process the demographic data and fraud detection information from third parties to confirm your identity and prevent fraud.

Using Personal Information

XtremeThemes will use your data to verify your identity and facilitate the processing of transactions on our site when you purchase or upgrade a subscription or services. Moreover, we are liable to check your activity to prevent potential fraud. Also, we can provide you with marketing information and share our company news and updates if you have agreed to receive our newsletter. Additionally, XtremeThemes can use your information in various cases required by the law. Particularly, our company may use the data in courts of law, answers to governmental requests, and other cases connected with investigations.

Disclosing Personal Data

XtremeThemes can open your information to individuals who require it to fulfill their tasks and duties, such as those connected with services. Furthermore, we can share your data with third parties that have a legitimate aim for getting it. Additionally, your personal information will be disclosed according to the laws when we have to protect our rights or follow judicial proceedings, court orders, etc.

Transferring and Storing Personal Data

The main facilities of XtremeThemes are located in the USA. We also have several support facilities and subsidiaries situated in Ukraine. Our subcontractors always maintain a high standard of data security protection. All the actions performed are based on the consent you give with this policy. You can be sure that our support companies have only a supporting role, functioning to the advantage of XtremeThemes.

XtremeThemes will keep your data as long as it is necessary to provide our services to you and to follow all legal duties. You have the right to get your personal information erased if you don’t want us to keep it anymore. However, in this case, we’ll have to remove your XtremeThemes account as well.

Additionally, we’ll store the information about deleted accounts on our servers in case we need to use it for our legal business interests. Such instances may include fraud prevention, troubleshooting problems, resolving disputes, helping investigation processes, and performing any other actions required by the law.

Keeping Personal Information Secure

XtremeThemes introduces important measures to protect your data against unlawful or unauthorized access, destruction, or loss. To achieve this, our company grants access to your data to the minimum extent, following confidential restrictions, and, where possible, anonymously.

XtremeThemes utilizes secure services to keep all data. Before giving anybody access to your personal information, we carefully verify their identity. Moreover, while transferring data, XtremeThemes uses SSL certificate encryption.

We also encourage our users to keep their information secure when we provide them with a password to certain parts of our website. Our company cannot be responsible for data leaks if you don’t follow privacy regulations on our site. You must avoid sharing your personal data with third parties, particularly via comments that can be seen by other people.

Accessing and Managing Your Personal Information

You can find all the information that we gather about you in your personal account. If you wish, you can make any necessary changes and corrections of data.

We can provide you with your personal data in an organized, machine-readable format. Also, you can remove the data or limit its processing. Furthermore, you can object to data procession on certain interests of our company. Precisely, you can reject your permission for data procession in direct marketing.

If you think that your privacy rights have been violated, contact us as soon as possible.

Personal Data and Marketing Choices

If you grant your consent, we will send you marketing materials with information about our discounts and new products.

XtremeThemes also use functional and analytical cookies to analyze the behavior and get demographic information about our customers. Additionally, we utilize Google Analytics software to structure users’ activity on our site. If you wish to avoid providing Google with the browsing data, please check your browser’s settings and block the use of cookies.

Terms of Service

Please study the following Terms to know the details and conditions under which XtremeThemes provides its products and services.

License Terms

XtremeThemes produce their themes under the general public license of GNU. You may make any changes to your theme and remove the copyright information indicated in the footer.

Support and Updates

We will provide the support of the products you buy according to the regulations of the marketplace where you purchase the theme.

Refund Policy

XtremeThemes may provide a refund for the products according to the regulations of the marketplace where you have bought this product. Please check the terms of the marketplace to find out the cases when you are eligible for a refund.

If you buy services by XtremeThemes, you can also get a refund. If the provided service differs from its description, you can submit a request for a refund within 14 days after our team has finished the project. In this case, you have to provide evidence that the service doesn’t correspond to its description


All the products presented on the website are the intellectual property of XtremeThemes. You cannot claim the rights of the products that belong to the XtremeThemes company. Furthermore, all the images used in our themes are an integral part of our products. You mustn’t use the images supplied with our themes separately.

We have a right to study the complaints about the breach of these regulations. Also, we can perform actions that we find appropriate if they are required for the investigation. Such actions may include the disclosure of your information.