Best WordPress Video Streaming Theme ViewTube

Best WordPress Video Streaming Theme ViewTube.

One of the most popular sites in the world is YouTube video hosting, which occupies second place in the rating. This famous video viewing platform has not lost its relevance for many years. It is hard to find a person unfamiliar with this video hosting, where you can find almost anything, from funny cat videos to various tutorials. The amount and variety of content are amazing so that every viewer can find something to their liking. That is why this platform is so beloved by many users. Some people prefer entertaining content like vlogs, music videos, etc., while others prefer educational content like travel videos and lectures. Such video hostings do not lose their relevance. That is why creating such a platform is a good and promising idea. The multifunctional ViewTube template will help you with this, being the perfect solution for making your cool streaming platform.

Viewtube WordPress Video Streaming Theme.

ViewTube will allow you to develop the video website of your dreams, where you can share videos on anything from news to science. This WordPress template has all the qualities and functions necessary to create this kind of website, including the ability to upload videos, rate them, subscribe to various channels, and much more. In addition, the authors of the template regularly update it with new features, thereby improving it. Create your perfect video streaming platform with the ViewTube WordPress template. Before we take a closer look at all the theme advantages, let’s find out the main reasons for the popularity of video streaming platforms.

Why Video Hostings Are Popular

Ability to Create Your Own Content

Video blogging is more relevant now than ever. This creative profession is promising and offers many content options you’d like to create.

Short Video Length

We live in a world where everyone is in a hurry, and time is the most valuable resource. But rest is nonetheless essential to our productivity. Streaming platforms are full of entertaining content that helps users de-stress and relax quickly. And one of the main advantages of such videos is their duration. When you have little time to rest, you prefer watching short videos rather than a movie. That is why many users choose this type of entertainment content.

Content Variety

The variety of video genres is impressive so that every viewer can find something for themselves. If you’ve ever used popular video streaming sites, you probably know that you can find literally everything there, from entertaining to extremely useful educational content, which is another reason why creating your own video website is a great idea. And our WordPress theme will help you with this. The WordPress Video Streaming Theme ViewTube is the best option for building a successful streaming site. Let’s see why.

Best WordPress Video Streaming Theme ViewTube.

Top Benefits of ViewTube Video Streaming WordPress Theme

Creating your web resource can take a lot of time and effort, but a ready-made WordPress theme will help speed up the process. ViewTube Video Streaming WordPress Theme will let you create your dream video website quickly and efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at all the advantages of the template.

High Functionality

The theme is fully customizable and has all the features needed to create a top-notch video streaming website. This multifunctional template will allow you to create your unique platform, no worse than the famous YouTube. Among the main advantages of the template are a convenient search system, quick file import, day and night modes, the ability to rate videos, create your own channel and subscribe to others, including premium ones, conduct live broadcasts, and many other features.

Viewtube preview.

Regular Updates

Our professional developers work tirelessly to improve the template, updating it regularly. All future updates are included in the theme purchase at no additional cost.

Translation Ready and Right-to-Left Language Support

You can also translate your website into any world language, including RTL languages like Arabic, Urdu, and others.

Responsive Web Design

In addition, the template is fully responsive and displays correctly on the screens of any device, which is essential for a high-quality modern website.

Viewtube theme preview.

Video Tutorials

The theme authors have prepared useful tutorial videos for you that contain answers to frequently asked questions and will help you get the most out of the template and improve your future website. Moreover, six months of customer support will be available to you, so do not hesitate to contact the development team, who will be happy to advise you.

Now let’s take a quick look at which video genres are the most viewed and relevant.

Most Viewed Video Genres

Fitness Channels

Since the pandemic, people are increasingly choosing to stay at home, which is why this type of video has become especially popular. Fitness videos, of which there are many, allow people to have impressive workout results from the comfort of their homes.


These videos also vary in their subject and include not only regular vlogs but also travel videos.

Cooking Channels

Cooking channels can teach their viewers how to cook dishes of any complexity from different world cuisines.

Gaming Videos

This genre is also very popular, especially among young people, including teenagers and children.

Educational Videos

In addition, on streaming platforms, you can find a huge amount of educational content in the public domain, including lectures and educational videos on any subject.

Unboxing Videos

Another fairly popular video genre is the unboxing and reviews of various products, including gadgets.

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