Boighor Shopify Theme is an Incredible Solution for Online Bookstore

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Meet the Boighor is for sure the best option for authors, publishers, and libraries! All you’ve ever dreamed about is possible due to its flexibility and modern layouts. Now you’ll be able to create a professional online bookstore that can easily attract and make customers come back over on over again.

With powerful tools and a drag-and-drop builder, you may create an incredible site to show off your items at their absolute best. Furthermore, this template is fully responsive, which means it will look great across all devices, letting you engage as many people as possible. Thanks to these features and much more that we’ll introduce in this article, you’ll find out that choosing ready-made templates is a great solution for your business.

Why We Love to Read Books?

As you all know, books are probably one of the most essential parts of our lives. Every one of us was read fairy tales by our mother when we were kids. They’re also a necessary part of schools and universities.

But some of us fall in love with books. Some of us have had a favorite pastime activity from the beginning of time — reading. Reading is truly a wonderful thing. You can never have every possible experience or all the knowledge in the world, but through reading, you become closer to that by living all these lives, feeling all these emotions, and learning all these things you might not get to do in your entire life. On top of that emotional experience we might have while reading to book, much of our achievements have come purely thanks to reading. It’s not without reason that many successful people tie their success back to reading and highly recommend doing it every day.

In this case, when many people love books and are ready to spend much more time going down this rabbit hole — Boighor can bring you many potential customers and money.

Put Your Site on a Whole New Level

ThemesHub has designed an excellent Shopify theme that suits perfectly for bookstores. It delivers three beautiful skins that’ll make your website look amazing! Plus, there are tons of inner pages like a Shop page, Product details, a Blog page, Blog details, About us, and Contact Us. You’ll also get 2+ unique sliders, collection tabs, mega menus, collection filters, 404 pages, and much more!

Basically, it’s a super flexible solution for anyone who wants to sell their books online, which offers a wide variety of design elements to help you create your next masterpiece. So, if you’re looking for a top-notch template that’ll make your bookstore stand out from others, this one is definitely worth your attention!

Boighor Shopify Theme Key Features

Features are crucial in the themes you choose for your e-commerce store. These are the elements that comprise the functionality and design of your website. They allow you to customize your store — give it a unique look to your brand — and enhance the user experience for your customers.

See the list of features offered by Boighor below:

Extremely Customize

With its remarkable feature of powerful customization options. It’s designed to be fully customizable, providing the flexibility to change the template’s design quickly. Plus, it comes with a drag-and-drop builder that makes it easier than ever to modify your template — without requiring any coding skill. You can easily express yourself and build your store thanks to the flexibility of the page builder.

Search Engine Friendly

SEO can be daunting for any online business owner, but with Boighor, it’s a lot easier! This sample is expertly designed with search engines in mind, and the ability to customize H1 titles and meta tags means your store will be at the top of search results in no time!

Cross Browser Optimization

Thanks to cross-browser compatibility, your website will look great and work flawlessly on all major browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla, etc. Now no matter what browser visitors prefer — they have a great viewing experience.

Collection Filter

Thanks to this function, your customers will no longer have to scroll through all the product pages. With this feature, they will be able easily find exactly what they’re looking for by filtering search results.

Mega Menu

A Mega Menu is an expandable menu that displays navigation options to site visitors. When visitors hover over the menu item on your online shop, the advanced menu opens, where’s shoppers can go over each category in depth. Mega Menu is a perfect design option, especially for larger stores, engaging your audience in discovering more content in a small area.

Retina Ready

With retina-ready technology, your visitors may enjoy visually pleasing online graphics that are optimized for high-resolution screens. This means they get crystal-clear images and text that are incredibly sharp and detailed, which allows them to explore the product pixel by pixel.

Responsive Layouts

These days, people rely on their phones every single day. And making a purchase online is one of those things. In this way, Shopify offers responsive design options that will optimize your website for all devices and screen resolutions. This means your content and images will adjust automatically to look intended across all devices.


This is a really cool feature for online shops. It lets customers see and buy products in different currencies, which is super handy for businesses that want to sell to people all over the world. It makes the shopping experience much more convenient and hassle-free.

Shopify in 161 Words

If you’ve ever dreamed of selling products or services and having your own online store, or if you’re looking for a way to make money online — then Shopify is the right one. This powerful building and managing e-commerce platform combines apps, pro tools, and pre-designed sections. All this gives you the power and flexibility to accomplish any task — whether you’re a small business or enterprise.

In addition, apps take platform versatility even further. You can integrate Apps into the platform to increase your site functionality, making it more enjoyable for people to interact with. On top of that, with an easy-to-use admin panel where all options and tools are available at a glance — newcomers may manage a store like a pro.

Besides all those apps and tools, this platform comes together with drag-and-drop technology, letting you customize layouts by dragging and dropping content elements from one location to another. Moreover, it offers breakthrough performance for fast, fluid work, simplifying the creation process.

Support 24/7

When you get your hands on this product, you’ll have access to up to six months of extremely professional support for any technical issues or customization needs you may have. Our dedicated team is always here to help you out with any questions or challenges you might come across, and we’re fully committed to ensuring you’re satisfied with your e-commerce store.

Well Documented

This complete guide is all you need to understand how to work more efficiently with layouts. We’ve included easy-to-follow steps on installing and setting it up — so you may personalize it to your liking in a short amount of time.

Watch This to Set up Your Shopify Store

Please, check out this video that shows you how to create your own shop from scratch in less than an hour! It’s a step-by-step tutorial that you don’t want to miss:

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