CityCab — Taxi Company WordPress Theme

CityCab — Taxi Company WordPress Theme.
CityCab perfect on all devices.
CityCab with visual composer.

In this article, we’ll go through some exciting features and plug-ins that come together with CityCab—to make your website more accessible—functional, and astonishingly attractive.

The author wants it to be effortless for you to customize layouts, so this theme is a perfect example of quality and flexibility, providing everyone with the best possible building experience.

It works perfectly across all devices, which is essential to ensure you’re successfully delivering content to as many clients as possible. In addition, with many powerful plug-ins and features, it enables you to do many things while remaining lightweight, providing incredibly smooth and fast performance.

CityCab is packed with everything you need and fully customizable, allowing you to change the layouts to look how you want much easier than ever with industry-leading technology drag and drop to create an eye-catching and personal design. Furthermore, with Slider Revolution, you’re capable of creating a premium interactive design with smooth animations and astonishing graphic effects, leaving a refined browsing experience.

Why Taxi Companies are so Popular These Days

In today’s world, our life is moving fast. A lot of you have meetings, you’re working, or you’re doing business. And every single day—we find ourselves constantly on the go, right? But more importantly, we value our time. In this way, if you don’t have a car but want to get a ride somewhere more quickly and conveniently—you call a taxi.

This industry has been in high demand over the past decade. It plays a crucial role in many people’s lives—especially those who live in large cities. That’s why taxi companies keep thriving.

To start bringing some traffic to your business and get your first clients, besides having a great offer, you must tell people about it online. There are so many different ways out there that you can take to get an online presence. Pay for ads that help you to be noticed online. Some small business owners and entrepreneurs willingly utilize social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But don’t discount the power of a website, and pre-built templates are the perfect option to make one.

Reason to Use Themes

As business owners, you have a lot to think about. The first benefit of themes is you can spend only a few hours going through them in a marketplace to find what meets your needs perfectly, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time building a site from scratch. Secondly, it’s so easy to activate them. Moreover, they’re already designed to help you get started more quickly and get you up and running in a short amount of time. Even more impressive, you can effortlessly make some changes as you see fit, such as changing color or adding images, galleries, text, etc. Add or remove blocks to create a custom look. Thirdly, hiring professional developers and web designers is much more expensive than buying ready-to-go templates.

Top Main Benefits of CityCab

UnTheme delivers many features right out of the box — bringing a new experience for users to create, customize, and manage a site in the most efficient way possible.

Here’s some more info about them:

Search Engine Optimization

The first thing people see when searching for something online is your brand name. Today SEO plays a significant role in every business — allowing your pages to be visible in search engines like Google or Bing. CityCab was developed with SEO in mind. You can bring you to the top of search results even more quickly, which brings more daily traffic. So it means more people coming to your website and making orders more often than your competition.

Mobile Friendly Design

The smartphone has become an indispensable daily companion for people by helping them stay connected and have a good time. We rely on them for any task, including ordering a taxi. CityCab provides mobile-friendly optimization, which makes your site more accessible even on the go, which is incredibly important. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to craft each layout from scratch—all content will be able to fluidly transform itself as needed to look precisely across all devices as you intended.

Dropdown Menu

When visitors browse a website—the most important thing is to provide them with good navigation! It helps people navigate a content hierarchy and conveniently jump through the pages without getting lost.

A multi-level menu allows you to add a dozen images, titles, and links, helping people to find what they are looking for more quickly, which provides top-notch navigation.

Mega Menu lets you set up text, font, images, colors, etc. Plus, it’s an incredible way to keep the web page uncluttered—now, when visitors want to see the full list of each category, they need to hover over the menu item.

Major Browsers Compatibility

Thanks to the multiple browsers supported, your online business will receive the best possible traffic since visitors may freely use their favorite browser—Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Every browser also contains its most recent and older versions. So, keep in mind that for the best viewing experience—ensure you have the latest browser version available.

UI/UX Design

All pages are designed in a unique, engaging, and modern way, with clean and intuitive layouts. It provides visitors with incredible usability and enables them to find content seamlessly.

One-click Installation

The author is thrilled to offer you user-friendly demo content, features, and settings that can be installed with just one click. This means you may start quickly setting up and utilizing it right away!

Industry-leading Quality

If you’re looking for a marketplace that cares about its customers, ThemeForest is the perfect place. They always wanted to ensure their products were of the highest quality, so you can’t go wrong with your purchase.

Useful Documentation

The author has covered you with a comprehensive guide that’s easy to follow, so you don’t need to worry if you’re completely new to WordPress themes! It includes detailed instruction that goes over every single step — from setting up the process to installation — and even more.

Translation Ready

Many businesses these days are looking to become visible all over the world. Having a version of the content in many different languages is incredibly important. So due to the WPML plug-in—your content will automatically translate into the chosen language, making it seamless for visitors to navigate and enjoy your content while enabling you to expand globally quickly.

Helpful Support

This template already comes with a six-month warranty, so you’ll get access to excellent customer support services. The author is always ready to reply quickly and take action to troubleshoot any problems you may experience while utilizing it, ensuring everyone is satisfied with this service. So if you have any questions—feel free to drop the author a message in the contact form.

Plug-ins Compatibility

These plug-ins allow you to customize your site’s functionality and interactivity for a better user experience. All plug-ins are free. Thanks to their capabilities, they further stretched the bounds of what’s possible, giving you complete control over site customization. In addition, if you want to increase possibilities even further—take advantage of the extensive add-ons library by following this link.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is an intuitive and powerful motion editor for WordPress themes. It’s a new way to add beautiful and fluid motion effects that bring the interface to life, making the website incredibly interactive and unforgettable for visitors. With tons of tools, you’ll be able to add motion graphic effects like particle effects, bubble morph, wiggle, parallax, rotate, flip, 3d scroll, and more.

You’ll get all you need to create responsive and unique sliders. Now you can completely change the visual experience of your web page by using a drag-and-drop intuitive editor. This feature provides a quick creation process and endless possibilities—giving users extreme flexibility and allowing them to create a site exactly what they want. And Slider Revolution is becoming even more powerful with third-party add-ons.

On top of that, with the vast library of templates, you have the freedom to create your most unique and truly your web pages. All of those templates are fully responsive. Now you may utilize them to bring interactive layouts on smartphones, too, and engage a lot more clients.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer team wanted it to be extremely easy for you to use. This page builder was developed with users in mind and combines many powerful features, tools, add-ons, and an incredible set of templates making your building experience more approachable and helping build layouts that look and feel professional—even if you’re entirely new to this.

Visual Composer lets you customize blocks by simply dragging elements from one location to another. Plus, it allows you to modify images, buttons, text, icons, and many other design elements. Change the background tint color, and font style, or create custom layouts to pair with many add-ons to bring more functionality to your website—so you don’t need to have any coding/programming knowledge! With Live Editing technology, users may get a quick and easy view of the made changes right away without having to leave out the workspace, which streamlines the creation process.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is an intuitive, fully responsive, and highly customizable form builder, especially for WordPress. It creates a super clean-looking and professional form, which lets you collect all the necessary clients’ information like names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.

Short Video About Plug-ins

In this video, we’ll examine in detail how plug-ins integrated with WordPress software bring capabilities to the website even further. Then, we’ll explore how to install them. Also, we’ll review some of them and what they can do. Finally, we’ll examine how to use them efficiently.

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