Congor WordPress Theme. For Every Personal Coaches and Mentors

Congor WordPress Theme. For Every Personal Coaches and Mentors.
Congor WordPress Theme features.
Congor - WordPress Theme.

Thus, the idea of creating your very own site is appealing. As you know, first impressions are everything, especially when it comes to creating a website. Hiring a professional team first might be expensive, and second, it takes a lot of time and effort. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of looking for the perfect one according to your budget — you’ve come to the right place. Are you a personal coach and have been dreaming of launching your own website for years and years and years but haven’t done it yet? A pre-made template is the perfect option to make your dream come true. And, in this article — we’ll discover Congor.

What is Life Coaching?

Since we all live in a fast-paced world, where so much we want to make, the life coaching and mentors industry is thriving every day. So, what is life coaching?

Life coaching typically deals with goal setting, motivation, and trying to take your life from good to great. It’s more focused on external changes in one’s life, and the main goal is to help you make your dream life. Life coaches and mentors have become essential partners in guiding people toward their goals. And, if you’re that person who wants to change people’s lives — this template helps you to tell more people about you and your brand.

What’s the Benefit of Using Pre-made Templates for WordPress

Wondering why a pre-made template is so powerful and the perfect way for individuals to create their online presence? We’ve got you covered. In this part of the article, we’ll explain what a pre-made template is and why it matters — for pros and beginners alike.

As a business owner, you’ll likely find yourself wanting to show off your services worldwide. One of the best ways to do this is to create a website. Of course, many still prefer social media platforms, but that’s not simple. Your conversion rate will be higher if you test different promotions.

Since every day billions of users rely on Google to search on a daily basis, the site plays a more significant role in brand promotion than social media platforms. Logically, this makes total sense. And that’s where themes come in. With their help, building an industry-leading site is incredibly easy and fast. They come in many different designs and provide expertly curated colors, fonts, and page layouts — allowing you to select the option that best fits your professional needs.

Now, what’s nice about using a pre-made template is it’s “Fully Customizable.” It means the design is customizable by a person — so you can tweak existing sections to whatever you want them to be or create whole different pages from scratch — which will come in handy when you’re willing to bring your vision to life.

A Few Words About Congor WordPress Theme

Sharing your experience with others is great, so if you want to ensure the audience misses none of your events, the Congor WordPress theme is an excellent variant. Ridianur developed this theme — especially for mentors, personal business coaches, motivation courses, life coaching, spiritual classes, confidence and inspire courses, psychology therapy, and many others. It allows you to quickly build a good-looking and functional site without compromising quality and without any technical expertise.

Core Congor Features

Google Maps

It’s very important to let people know where you’re based. This theme has a map block — so you can add the location of your business without having to code or do anything complicated. It’s all very straightforward to use.


Congor includes an amazing option. It enables you to add flexible elements and groups of elements. These elements will seamlessly adapt and be responsive, regardless of the situation you place them in. Design components can now automatically resize themselves to fit their environment. This allows your visitors to browse the content from any device — whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, and your website will display perfectly — just as it should.

Search Engine Friendly

All TemplateMonster themes are designed with SEO in mind. They have an appealing design, clean code, fast speed loading, relevant description, easy-to-use navigation, straight images, text, and more to help search engines understand your content. Thanks to those techniques, users have search-friendly websites that can be found in many search results — such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Drop-down Menu

This feature enables you to add interactivity to the site and provide an incredibly intuitive searching experience. A Drop-down Menu is a new way to group and organize components, such as titles, links, or images, within your top navigation bar. When people hover over the navigation bar’s title, the menu is expanded with sub-items for selection. So, instead of having many different titles — you may add five essential ones with sub-items inside.

Professional Support Services

The author offers excellent support services and will be supporting you every step of the way for the next six months since you have made a purchase. Customer support is quick, clear, and helpful. You may freely ask questions about this template and receive answers within one business day.

Well Documented

In our Getting Started guides, the author shows you how to set up and install, the list of features, and make the most of everything Congor has to offer. And once you’re up and running — check this step-by-step guide.


Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework with a feature-packed front-end toolkit. Bootstrap also comes with its own default values for things like padding, margin, font size, borders, etc., on all of the different elements and components we use. Use Responsive Grid to craft your next page, adapting to the user’s device by creating columns and rows. Creating amazing pages has never been easier.

Put Your Best Foot Forward. Elementor is the Solution.

The Elementor team knows design is an iterative process, so it’s incredibly important to have an easy-to-use website builder that speeds up the creation process and makes it as convenient as possible. To do this, Elementor delivers a user-friendly and intuitive-to-use interface.

With Elementor on WordPress, you’ve got full access to every feature, widget — and tool you need to customize layouts to fit your style and needs. Moreover, there’s full support for mobile prototypes. It means you may create designs that automatically resize to fit any device. But if you want to make a little tweak — switch to the “Mobile Mode” and immediately start making any changes to the mobile version of the site.

Above all, Elementor is a drag-and-drop website builder. Elementor makes it easier than ever to create a site in WordPress because it doesn’t require you to have any coding skills. Drag and Drop technology lets users build layouts and edit existing ones simply by dragging and dropping components from one location to another.

Elementor receives a comprehensive update with new features, providing state-of-the-art Design Flexibility — improving the experience and creation process for users every time they design.

Video Course About Elementor

As somebody who’s just getting started in Elementor, especially as somebody who’s just starting their journey of using website builders, this course also aims to bring all the basics of the creation process. This also will introduce you to the Elementor interface and all the features you get right out of the box. So, you’ll get a feeling that you know where things are and how to use them efficiently.

Check out the Elementor video course here:


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