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What is the most highly sought-after career? Сonsulting is definitely on the list. It allows you to work and learn from the best minds across the world. Suppose you already have your own company offering consulting services. But these days, there’s one thing that no business can even imagine their growth without—and that’s a website. Developing your business online plays a significant role in your success. Having a site is the perfect option to achieve success, draw more traffic, and, overall, income. Starting with a flexible theme is the right move—and Commus was created specifically for business consulting services.

So you’re reading this either because you’re in business and don’t have your online presence or you’re about to start a business and want to ensure your success. Well, you’re in good hands because we’re about to dive into the power of this pattern that helps you create a professional and visually appealing website in a short amount of time. What’s even more important is that it does not have to write a single line of code.

What’s the Benefit of Using Pre-made Templates

In this part of the article, we’ll explain how you can make professional and multi-functional websites with stunning pre-made templates. These templates are designed to let you create a site that is professional and high-converting quickly.

TemplateMonster offers a wide variety of different options—allowing you to decide through a bunch of variations which one is right for your business. Each offers industry-leading speed and performance, powerful plugins, tools, and deep customization.

What exactly are templates? They’re the ones that define your site’s structure and how it will look. With them, you may set up and run your site in one place and make it in a short amount of time without designing or developing skills. They come in handy for those who are working on a tight budget or still need to decide what niche they’ll be producing. Since there are many different items—you can find one that works efficiently for you because you may narrow it down by industry, colors, or price and then find the design that requires your needs.

Core Commus Features

RockThemes offers many powerful features. These features help you do a lot of things, such as optimizing your content for SEO or providing incredible performance. With the capabilities of the template industry improving significantly more and more features are being added by authors to provide an excellent user experience. As a result, the number of features deployed in a single item is increasing.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at each of these features you receive right out of the box.

Retina Ready

In today’s world, with the introduction of stunning screens like Apple’s Retina display, it has become necessary for all websites to be retina-ready. This template is capable of optimizing content elements to look great on retina screens — providing an incredible viewing experience.


Nowadays, it’s important to consider the wide variety of screen sizes and resolutions. Responsive design enables visitors to view your site on many devices, which increases your traffic ten times. For this reason, the author created this pattern with mobile in mind. It means that it’s the best option for both desktop and mobile versions. All content components can automatically resize to fit different devices and screen widths.

Drop-down Menu

Dropdowns allow people to select an item from a dropdown list, significantly making it easier to move around the site and look uncluttered. Thanks to it, you may quickly group unlimited components, such as titles, links, or images, to improve the user experience aesthetically. Now, when people hover over each menu link, the menu is fluidly expanded.

Search Engine Friendly

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which means Google has the highest chance to find you out of millions of sites, ranking, and sending you to the right people. SEO is an amazing tool to promote your brand across all search engines—whether it’s Google, Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo—and Commus is highly SEO-optimized.

Professional Support Services

Since you bought Commus, you’ll receive support for the next six months, so you always have the option to talk to the author when you experience some issue. Furthermore, you can be a hundred percent sure the author will handle the problems with remarkable speed and expertise. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you need help or advice.

Well Documented

To make it easier and faster for you to start working with the template—the author has prepared comprehensive documentation. In this step-by-step guide—you’ll find everything you need to get started more efficiently.

Seamless Compatibility with Third-party Plugins

Plugins are a great way to add more power and functionality to your site and designs. There are a lot of great ones – paid and unpaid – in the WordPress library.

Here’s a list of plugins to help you get the most out of this template:

  • WPML
  • Ecwid
  • MailChimp

Build Your Custom Pages with Ease. Build with Elementor.

If you’re familiar with website builder plugins, you’ve probably looked at Elementor. Though the technique of use is the same, have you ever wondered why Elementor is one of the most powerful website builders?

Elementor brings powerful tools, features, and widgets that enable users to present and turn any idea into a reality more effectively within any type of website—a blog, landing page, or huge e-commerce store.

With Drag and Drop technology, moving components is very simple: click and drag-and-drop it. The idea is that you drag any design components—whether it’s a background, text, button, or an entire section—and place it anywhere on the canvas. No coding is needed!

Elementor allows you to build sophisticated pages with mobile prototype support. Once you’re in Desktop editing mode, you can customize pages for a desktop version of the site. You can also use Mobile editing mode to quickly jump to the mobile version and make a little tweak if it doesn’t meet your requirements. Although Elementor is completely responsive and automatically adjusts components for whichever device they’ll be viewed on.

Video Course About Elementor

The Elementor team prepared for users a comprehensive video course to help them create their website efficiently and get the most out of this plugin. This video course focuses on mechanics, features, and capabilities. As a result, by the end of this course, you’re fully equipped to start building beautiful websites quickly and with ease—even if you don’t have much to fall back on.

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