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If I have my own business, do I need a website? You should have an excellent Internet resource if you want a successful, fast, developing business with a solid customer flow. Flatsome is the greatest opportunity for your shop or company page to stay one step ahead of others. A lovely, modern, interactive platform is the perfect promotional tool for your business. With this model, you will receive new guests quickly because it is an efficient and thrifty way to big success.

Also, you can sell different goods and services, share news and necessary information, communicate with other people, and have fun.

It would help if you didn’t think about the design solutions, interface code, server code, or other things. We have already done everything we could. Click “buy,” and you receive a superb result that should meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to make a purchase!

Key Features of Flatsome WordPress Template

This layout has many advantages. And each of them makes your affair prosperous.

You have a lot of functionality, and you use it easily. Moreover, you have unique looks, cool visual builders, unlimited licensing, easy customization, regular lifetime updates, half a year of support service, and much more. Multi-functionality is a sting for any template. In addition, you and your visitors should only get pleasure from using your site. Pay attention to the key functions when choosing a template because your success depends on it.

Unique Design

Our offer gives you an absolute one-of-a-kind and appealing look for your platform. You do not have to hire a web designer to develop the online resource for you. You don’t need such skills to do this job. Our great developers have already done it for you. Don’t worry, they have it all figured out: colors, lighting, graphics, pictures, and many other things. By choosing our samples, you save money and precious time. We keep our design simple. Littering the website is not good for your work. Paragraphs should be short. Then the information is more scannable and likely to be read. If your post has too much text, the reader’s mind is overloaded, and they can get away from you.

Easy to customize

You shouldn’t have special knowledge of changing or adding filling to your site. Designs include a convenient admin panel with the help of which it is easy to write text, post images, or even videos. You are able to use a large element library and Live Page Builder. According to the Page Builder, you may design amazing banners or sliders. Do you want to establish cool responsive grids or layouts? If you have a Flatsome Model, you do all these operations, and much more light and breezy.

Moreover, you have a drag & drop benefit. It is possible to move the blocks the way you want. You receive a large toolbox of thirty content components, five template aspects, nine items for shopping, and many preferences for your business. There are unextended possibilities for your Internet resource. It allows you to place whatever you wish to see on your marketplace.

This sample presents you with the power to post boundless texts. Content Management System (CMS) platforms like WordPress allow you to share content easily. It is not vital to have any coding skills. You can publish pictures, articles, or videos by simply pressing a button.

Responsive design

A fully responsive page adapts itself to all gadgets without irritating scrolling, zooming, or resizing. This way, you provide purchasers with the best experience. Nowadays, new users aspire to have a mobile version of any website they use. It’s practically essential, after all: open it on your phone, laptop, computer, tablet, smartwatch, or other gadgets. Buyers may visit your platform on any screen by using a fully responsive interface, which is present in the sample. Thus you increase the number of shoppers and your income.

Screen resolutions should be harmonious. As the client changes the device to check your online resource, it must automatically transform according to resolution, scripting abilities, and image size. You mustn’t be worried about that; we do it instead of you.

Dropdown menu

Navigating is a vital element of your creation. Dropdown menus are one method for assisting your customers in finding any details on your site. Thanks to this option, you may save more space on your online resource, and thus you put in more materials. Moreover, it would be best if you were contemporary and accomplished.

Provides Consistency and Uniformity

The model makes matrices/reports have a unified display. Without a Template, all your matrices and reports may differ from each other. Our promotion provides a stable structure and form, making it easier for your users to search for important aspects quickly. Uniformity impresses potential buyers with your company branding.

Who Can Use Flatsome WooCommerce and WordPress Theme

Versatility is one of the greatest components of this sample. This template should be handy for your business or if you need a marketplace to sell goods and services. Due to the wide selection of benefits, you may fill your website with all necessary items. Also, you can develop your online resource as an agency or freelancer. It is possible to translate it into any language. More than 12 languages are already translated for this sample. This way, you will obtain new clients. It would help if you published news, exciting info, and inspiring and successful stories of your clients. Buyers should benefit from videos about how the goods or services work. The variety of content and quality positively impact the site’s position in the search engine and attract customers with different perceptions of information. Share bright and interesting multimedia content: photographs, pictures, infographics, cartoons, GIFs, videos, or other visual elements. There are a lot of different stocks with unique content on the Internet. Here you will find a lot of diverse, bright, and impressive fillings. Plain texts without visual content are not interesting for visitors. This model presents you with an infinity of instruments for creating an admiring responsive online resource. Making a code is not obvious, the sample proposes you interface a variety of options of banners and sliders fast as lightning.

If you don’t know where to find inspiration to customize your page, look through our youtube channel.

Tips for Building a Successful Site for Your Business

A lot of entrepreneurs dream about their marketplace with a large number of guests. To achieve this goal, you must follow certain rules. We have collected the most effective tips for you to have the best result in your sphere. Following these guidelines, you would be ahead of your competitors.

Share your Contact Info

Don’t forget about this! Clients must have the ability to be in touch with you in different ways, such as through phone numbers, email, social media, additional pages, and so on. Your contact data should be visible to all users, ideally on the website header or footer, where shoppers are able to find them easily. Take care of quick feedback because the purchaser may go to your competitor without receiving an answer.

Start a Blog

Pay attention to such a type of activity as blogging. It is a fantastic idea because you should get:

  • Extra traffic. Blogging is one of the most effective methods for increasing leads to your Internet resource. Concentrate on this section, and as a reward, you receive a lot of cool fillings. Guests begin to share information from your platform on social networks, which increases your traffic.
  • Additional audience. Blogging is a nice vehicle to attract and hold on to new clients. If you publish unique and admiring materials systematically, most visitors should be forced to return to your website repeatedly. After that, the number of purchasers grows, and you will have a permanent audience soon. Thereby our pattern assists you in emerging your target group.
  • Expert positioning. Through blogging, you establish yourself as an expert in different spheres. The customers understand that you are prepared to answer any of their questions, spread tips, and help to solve all their problems.
  • Viral effect. Viral effects are about the growth of new users. If you publish a fascinating filling for your purchaser, they share this information with their friends and relatives. Users prefer to share with their friends interesting and useful articles. That helps them to solve this or that problem. Just one viral publication brings not only hundreds of new visitors to your online store but also many potential purchasers who are ready to make a purchase.

Collect feedback

Remember that it is important to add the opportunity to leave feedback. The layout provides you with such capabilities. It helps you understand your clients so much better, increase your users’ satisfaction, make them feel heard, improve goods and services, enhance the client’s experience, reinforce loyalty, gain new users, and so on.

Take care about speed on your page.

Recent statistics showed that 88,5% of website users leave a marketplace if it loads slowly. Your website must run smoothly. It is not your problem with our sample. With optimized and minimal coding, our template is one of the most rapid WordPress Themes on the market.

How to download Flatsome WooCommerce and WordPress Theme

If you are not computer savvy and don’t know how to install our template, don’t worry. You may download this sample quickly and easily. We have developed a detailed guide, especially for you.

  1. Select the pattern you need. Firstly, buyers see the appearance. The visitor evaluates your company and compares it with your competitors through the appearance of your marketplace. When purchasers click on your creation, they start a conversation with you, so you have to be attractive to your buyers.
  2. Add our offer to your cart. Here you have the opportunity to buy extra 12 months of customer support.
  3. After that, fill in your contact data (First and Last Name, email, username, and password).
  4. The last action is adding billing details and selecting payment methods.

As soon as the pattern arrives in your email (literally a few minutes), you enjoy using it.

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