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We live in a world where something new is happening all the time. Previously, people learned about the news from the pages of newspapers. However, the world is changing and digitalizing. Currently, the Internet is the main source of information. It is very convenient; we can read what is happening worldwide or in your city directly from the smartphone. Now we may collect data, analyze it, and compare it because you have all the world’s newspapers in your hands. You open your online edition with a relevant topic and publish material pertinent to your audience.

This resource should be reliable, as the influx of customers should be large. Therefore, the news portal is always relevant. If you want to have an online resource where there is always an audience, check out KingNews. It is an awesome proposal with a cool appearance built based on Elementor, which is completely clear for you and your readers. So, please take advantage of our offer and share posts with the world.

Main Advantages of KingNews WordPress Theme

Launching a website is a big decision. The online publication is a large project, so it needs a wide range of functionality. It would help if you had ready-made mockups for any news, places for photos and videos, and much more. All this is in KingNews. Our proposal has many benefits. Check them out to make sure it’s what you want.

Your best source of information with Elementor

It is probably the most popular page builder. You needn’t create a web resource from scratch. It is not necessary to hire a team of specialists. With Elementor, you develop your project, making it unique and beautiful. Layouts are already formed, and client support and drag-and-drop functionality are present. What else do you need for happiness? You have at your disposal a large selection of elements. Edit in live mode. As soon as you change something on your project, the final result instantly appears in front of your eyes. Choose from 1 to 6 columns to fit a lot of data. Insert pictures with text, carousels, lists, videos, buttons, Google maps, etc. By the way, about maps. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Put on a SoundCloud player to diversify the site.

Elementor allows you to take care of the adaptability of your website. Customize how your landing page will look on different devices (computer, smartphone, laptop, etc.). By clicking on the buttons, switch options for the appearance of your project directly in the editor. And don’t you dare forget about it. In today’s world, you must have a mobile version of the site, as the number of people who receive information from mobile devices is constantly growing. All your changes are saved in history. Therefore, returning to the previous version is not a problem. It is also worth mentioning the animation. This page builder has been worked out at the highest level. You have extensive functionality, parallax effect, and movement of various kinds.

Lots of cool JetPlugins

Elementor comes with many premium plugins. Usually, when we see the word premium, it means expensive. But not this time. When you buy KingNews, you get

  • JetBlocks. Thanks to this plugin, the sticking effect is available to you. You could make a sticky headline or other things;
  • JetTricks. That is required to attach various animation effects;
  • JetTabs helps manage navigation (e.g., add tabs). Join accordion blocks and arrange tabs horizontally or vertically;
  • JetMenu (vertical or horizontal mega menu);
  • JetPopup. Develop pop-up windows and specify where they should appear;
  • JetBlog. Attach a blog section to your online publication. Choose the layouts that are offered to you and insert your texts there;
  • JetElements, with this, you acquire an extended list of incredibly cool widgets;
  • JetThemeCore (create: footer and header, archive, post layout, 404 page, etc.);
  • Jet Data Importer (update, import, or export data);
  • Jet Plugin Wizard (try to understand what you need).

Zemez- professional service for your web resource

It is a team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and experience. They have been developing top-notch templates for a long time. Specialists are attentive, so they try to complete only a product with impeccable quality. With them, you:

  • translate the material into other languages, including RTL;
  • get a package with unique images in high quality of any size;
  • insert cool logos;
  • choose from a large number of colors and much more.

In addition, you obtain reliable protection. The tools are so cool that hackers have nothing to accomplish with your website. Spam messages don’t bother you. You might block them. In this way, your data and the data of your readers are always safe.

Let’s not forget about search engine optimization. The Zemez team constantly analyzes and monitors the performance of your web resource. They also check your ranking in search engines. Experts advise on the key processes that need to be improved to improve the ranking position. You have every chance to be in the first ten results for search queries. This process also increases site speed. The team worked hard to reduce the time it took for the site to load. The most interesting thing is that the Zemez team also follows your competitors.

Perfect design for your news portal

KingNews developers have assembled a cool and easy-to-use design. It is unnecessary to code; enter your information into the layouts prepared for this. It is easy to set up, and this is one of the key advantages of the sample. Choose colors and organize the space with taste. All content is visible on a simple and elegant white background. Organize a menu convenient for you and your users, and select different categories. The main page, about us, and contacts are important too.

It is possible for readers to utilize the search line to register and create accounts on your web resource. Select fonts for headings, dates, and more. Insert icons of social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You have a chance to place a newsletter subscription box on your website. You will send fresh news later for those who want to leave their email. It helps to keep your audience close to you.

Join blocks for advertising or blog. Leave a place for rating the posts. It is how you improve your performance. Sample appearance in a minimalist style. We did this so that readers would not be distracted from your material. You may receive a very stylish product. The minimalist design allows you to join modern and bright accents. For example, the color of headers, font, etc. You have three columns under your control, in which you can fit a lot of content. If you have built a good structure, it is impossible to get lost on your web resource.

Who Can Use KingNews WordPress Theme

Sites such as KingNews are gaining popularity daily. Even though many of them are on the network, you obtain a cool result if you accomplish everything correctly. You have a chance to build a magazine or a newspaper. With our offer, you have the chance to select any topic:

  • policy;
  • economy;
  • sport;
  • style and fashion;
  • science and health;
  • modern technology;
  • games;
  • tourism and nature;
  • world;
  • culture, and the like.

Templates have already been developed. The only thing left for you is to add your content. Distribute posts of various types: articles, opinions, reports, interviews, etc. Include media materials. It’s a well-known fact that people are not interested in seeing just text. It is better when the text is combined with visual files. It brings a better effect to you. Photos and videos help viewers to stay on your portal longer. If the content on your website is relevant, objective, reliable, and of public interest, your website will be a huge success.

Moreover, try to post quickly. Responsiveness is important. With our work, it is possible to add content in minutes. That allows you to get ahead of your competitors. If you own an online publication that distributes news, articles, or other similar information, KingNews is perfect for you. Also, take advantage of our offer if you are a journalist or someone who knows how to collect, edit and perform interesting info. A group of people also find this pattern suitable. This template is also ideal for other topics on the site, and it is possible to customize it for a different business.

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