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The Internet is an integral part of every person in our life. More than 90% of Internet users worldwide buy something in online stores. Each person in business wants to develop a successful enterprise. And this activity allows you to earn a lot of cash. It is a good thing, isn’t it? Magetique is the best decision for your online shop. More than one thousand customers are satisfied with the level of care, more than 20 modules, and more than 20 layout updates. The Magetique Magento theme is made to impress you with its flexibility. This template is equipped with technology-accelerated mobile pages.

You can have a business in many different areas, such as lingerie, spare parts, medical equipment, bikes, electronics, etc. The TemplateMonster was the first in the world to implement this system in Magetique. Google Developers talked about this technology in detail. Magento is a powerful content management system that you can use for your online shop. Be sure with this sample that you smash down all your clients because of great built-in options, a wide diversity of color decisions, and a box of premium Magento expansions. Hurry up, buy it!

Why Do You Have to Order a Magetique Magento Theme?

You must select the best variant for your business. Ordering this offer gives you a lot of advantages.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO means a set of actions to optimize and promote your shop in search engines. That helps you to increase the client’s stream. It is cool for you to be in the top positions in the result of your search. Apart from that, there are many other purposes of search engine optimization, such as:

  • increase the profit;
  • purchases are more frequent;
  • your brand is recognizable;
  • you are more attractive to advertisers;
  • you are one of the best on the market;
  • additional channel for sales.

There are two types of optimization: on-page and off-page. When we speak about both of them, that includes:

  1. Content settings. You should follow the quality of your posts, pictures, videos, and others. Your page must contain metadata focused on keywords; after that, your website will be relevant.
  2. Technical settings. Optimized your source code, server, or content management system.
  3. Mobile settings. A lot of buyers purchase their phones. Because of that, you must have high-quality editions for mobile gadgets.
  4. Creating links. It helps your store to be trusted.
  5. Increasing recognition. Use social networks and marketing, and your shop will be visible.

Search Engine Optimization is permanent work. It is not a one-time action, so work on it. Our sample assists you in doing it.

Retina Ready

Our Sample has a retina-ready display. It is a unique modern technology that shows more pixels per square inch. If your shop is equipped with this process, you have high-resolution content on gadgets with high-definition screens. Your clients have the perfect display on any device, such as modern mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, and MacBooks. By exploiting this function, your visitors do not notice the pixels. The picture is clear and bright, and not each device can boast of it. Previously, only professional computers could use such a display, but now it is also available on Apple devices. Retina screen contains many benefits that distinguish them from collections from other companies:

  • Matrix type – IPS. An improved graphic component distinguishes this technique: contrast and viewing angle, high brightness, and accurate color reproduction.
  • Photos look alive and correspond to reality as much as possible.
  • Perform well in digital painting.
  • The picture remains legible at any viewing angle.
  • The price-quality ratio is optimal.
  • Automatic elimination of pixel defects.

Magetique Magento Theme Saves Your Money and Your Time

You should not hire employees like a designer, developer, programmer, or someone else!

You should not have the special skills and knowledge to develop a website alone!

You should not wait for someone to create a site for you!

It is enough to spend one day preparing a variety of content, bright and interesting pictures, and photos, ordering a domain, hosting, and your website in your pocket. It remains only to contain targeted advertising, and in a couple of days, you will be able to conduct sales or provide services via the Internet. If you have a ready-made template, it significantly reduces the site development time. In this case, you skip two time-consuming levels: design and coding. You may have a ready-to-use Magetique Magento theme. It is much cheaper and faster than developing the store from the ground up.

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) for Our Magetique Magento Theme

This technology collaborates with the server without reloading the site. The speed increases when you refresh only one part of your resource. AJAX assists you in reducing the traffic and pressure on the server. You download only the changed part, not the entire page. Because of that, the clients can see the result of their requests much faster.

  • AJAX Wishlist. It allows buyers to add goods to their cart without reloading.
  • AJAX Compare. Clients may compare their products without refreshing the site.
  • AJAX Catalog provides customers with automatic catalog content.

Multipurpose Design

The appearance of your website is one of the most important elements of a successful online shop. People want a pleasant picture with perfect colors, a user-friendly interface, and interesting content. Magetique Magento theme is multitasking.

The sample includes a lot of different skins which help you create the best website in any sphere:

  • “Fashion Store”

You need this if you are the designer or owner of a brand of clothes, a cosmetics company, a beauty salon, or a barbershop, or you are engaged in another activity related to fashion.

  • “Tools Skin”

With that module, you can sell any type of instrument: hand tools (like hammers, clamps, pliers, screwdrivers, hand saw, etc.), power tools (drills, saws, impact driver, impact wrench, sanders, grinders), or fasteners (nuts and bolts, nails, screws, lug nuts, drywall anchors). Click here to see a live demo.

  • “Furniture Shop”

If you have a furniture fair or interior design studio, it would be good to create a site where you can sell furniture (sofas, tables, chairs, beds, mirrors, etc.) or provide services for decorating apartments, offices, or private homes.

  • “Grocery, Supermarket”

Use this if you are an owner of a big business such as a supermarket or if you have a small business like a grocer, baker, butcher, or others. Click here to see a live demo.

  • “Sports”

Today it is fashionable to be sporty. If you are the owner of a sportswear or inventory store, welcome to the Magetique Magento theme.

  • “Kids”

A children’s business is an ideal option for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is also a great business for women. Minimal investments and quick payback are the main advantages of this industry. Children’s business is a stable and profitable business that survives in conditions of crisis and high competition.

Magetique is AMP-Ready Multipurpose Magento Theme

It is not a secret the visitor will immediately go to another site if yours is not loading well. No one is willing to waste time downloading. People want to receive services quickly and with high quality. So you have to prepare your store. The perfect solution is accelerated mobile pages. It is one of the latest technologies developed by Google to speed up page loading and display of sites on mobile devices. This process assists your buyers in loading the website faster and increasing conversion. According to Google, the loading of website pages using this system is accelerated by 15-85%. With our layout, even if your customers have a bad Internet connection, they can get an answer to their request. AMP websites can load more quickly than most streamlined HTML pages. Your client will feel the reduced waiting time between clicking on a link and going to the shop website. You’re not in any trouble related to interruptions and rejections. Furthermore, with our offer, your chances of being in the top position are much higher. And that’s good, with this feature you can overtake your competitors and take an important place in the market.

Magetique Magento Theme. How To Switch Sample Layouts

With our model, you have a great opportunity to manage a few stores simultaneously.

The Template Monster prepared a video tutorial showing how to switch sample layouts. You must see this!


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