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Since starting your business, you’ve learned how important time is and how challenging it is to manage. Now, you do not need to spend much time looking for developers or web designers because it is possible to make a site yourself seamlessly—it is easy, cheap, and fast. And the Oxygen WordPress theme is ready to help with that task!

Nowadays, e-commerce stores have become multi-billion dollar businesses. Online shopping is a common practice for millions of people. Indeed people are buying many more goods and services online than ever before—it is simple and fast, making everything available just sitting at home.

This sample allows you to take your store from launch to scale in the easiest way possible, and lets you build a website you will be proud of!

It perfectly goes for all kinds of products, whether clothing, shoes, glasses, skin care items, drinks, toys, or you can even sell a board for riding waves.

In addition, it delivers a feature right out of the box that is capable of displaying a product in a pop-up, allowing shoppers to see all information and quickly add an item to the cart. So if you have a small or more significant business, the Oxygen WordPress theme is designed to showcase your product in all its glory. And with built-in e-commerce tools, you will effortlessly launch new revenue streams—and your product sales will go through the roof.

Visual Part. Essential Part.

Oxygen WordPress theme has a great variety of pre-built pages with clean, stunning, and modern designs in a minimalist color palette, allowing you to build an eye-catching site in a remarkably simple way.

Every design element looks in a way that creates some sort of an interesting connection between the background and the product card, which makes customers deeply focus on your products.

It delivers seven main skins with different types of banners. Some have a main image for the banner in a dark-white or bright color. Some with a filled background. Besides the bigger, stylish banner, it also combines a few menu styles: simple menu, full width, and a sidebar left and right menu.

Moreover, to make your website more unique, it comes with 5+ header styles, 9+ shop pages, contact and 404 pages, a blog post gallery, and much more. All of these give you a wider range of flexibility than ever before. Bring a new vision and feel of template design by customizing the look with your own branding, fonts, and colors.

Endless Possibilities Included

This is an entirely customizable and extra flexible template. It is designed with a wide range of different features and tools and presents unlimited capabilities for the customization visual part.

If you are new to this, you do not need to be worried. Because getting started with the template is a breeze since it shows you where and how to place videos, images, texts, tables, filters, cards, and so on, defining what a design should be.

With all that, you can bring your individual preferences to life using a whole new level of interaction with layouts and seamlessly get your best-desired results in just a few minutes.

Below you see the included features that push the boundaries of your online store functionality:

SEO-friendly layouts

It comes with SEO-optimized pages that help maximize promotion in search engine results, giving your site the best possible foundation to be found on Google.

Thanks to this feature, it is possible to optimize your store properly. When your website is placed in higher ranks than competitors, it means that more likely potential customers will click on your website.

In addition, you can always think carefully about the keywords. You can modify content, such as titles and descriptions, and make it more relevant to search intent.

Multiple devices supported

Oxygen Multiple devices supported.

As you know, for many of us, our phones have become an essential part of our day-to-day. The phone is our companion that we rely on. In sum, if you want to grab as much traffic as possible, an adaptive design is the first thing to have.

With this feature on the site, the layouts are automatically 100 percent responsive, allowing you to showcase your products or services to any device, whether a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Mega menu

This feature is critical for those who want to build an online store, whether large or small.

Mega Menu makes it possible to add categories and puts inside an unlimited number of items. So with its compactness, it gives you more screen space and enhances the site’s design.

Thanks to this feature, your shoppers can get an excellent navigation experience and easily navigate through the different categories of your online store.

When visitors want to check what is inside each category, they need to tap or hover over them.

Full Retina Ready

If you are running any kind of website, especially an online store, you have to use high-resolution images, allowing visitors to see what products look like and to see more deeply of them.

Nowadays, when the tech industry is growing by the day. More and more people are using Retina displays. And thanks to this feature, users with high-resolution devices can see your images at an incredible level of sharpness and detail.

RTL support

Thanks to the Oxygen WordPress theme support for the RTL feature, it will be possible to handle users who use right-to-left languages and respond appropriately to them.

Quick view

Oxygen quick view.

This feature allows shoppers to quickly view product info with a pop-up, such as colors, sizes, materials, prices, brand names, or anything else. The best advantage of this feature is that customers can see all details and easily add items to their cart—without having to leave the store page.

Bootstrap Framework

Oxygen bootstrap framework.

This HTML and CSS framework provides styles for the most common HTML components. Millions of web developers use it. Now creating mobile responsive web applications is easy with the Bootstrap framework.

Add Additional Functionality With Plug-ins

WordPress plug-ins are designed so that you can install them quickly and start using them right away. If you are new to this and have never used WordPress, follow this link to be more familiar with it. Add what you need to your website with the WordPress library, which offers over 50,000+ powerful plug-ins, enabling you to add or expand the functionality of templates in a minute.

Moreover, WordPress provides lots of free plug-ins, allowing you to start building your own online store—no matter your skill level or income.

A short list of some plug-ins that are already included in Oxygen. No installation needed:

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery is the most powerful page builder. With the most functionality and flexibility. This plug-in is designed for those who need unlimited functions and tools while creating the website, from changing the button and redesigning hundreds of elements to building a large multi-page store. WPBakery is capable of handling all tasks to push the limits of what is possible in design, allowing you to create impressive pages.

To deliver the highest-possible flexibility and redesign the blocks the way your liking, it has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it possible to move elements to any section of the layout. If you want to redesign the template—you can do that without touching any code.

In addition, it supports a live editing feature, which enables see changes while you are editing, and helps you easily identify what it looks like and make changes on the fly.

WPBakery goes far beyond being just a page builder. What’s even more impressive is that it is all in one platform—all in a free platform.

Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider is an incredibly powerful plug-in. With amazing capabilities and many tools to help you create a product slider,  product carousel, dynamic banner, navigation arrows, and many more. It allows you to bring an all-new appearance to your website, making it unique and unforgettable.

Adding new animations and dynamic effects to any element is remarkably simple. With 200+ ready-go templates on the board, it gives you so much flexibility and inspiration to build something special—because you should be the one in control of how your online store will look.


Whether you are already a business owner or just getting started, you will be shocked by using WooCommerece. It includes everything in one place to help you manage your online shopping like a pro and generate your online income more effortlessly than ever before.

This free plug-in gives a complete set that includes tons of powerful tools and features, allowing you to add or extend e-commerce functionality and set up a website in just a few taps.

Moreover, it has a phone application capable of keeping track of sales, stats, payments, order processing, and much more—all from your phone.


With the help of this plug-in, it is possible to run a multilingual website effortlessly. With this tool, you will be able to translate all types of pages into a wide range of languages thanks to a massive library of over 40 language files.

Guides and Documentation

Creating the most enjoyable customer experience is the author’s goal. So the author tries to minimize your time exploring the theme. With the template, you will get free detailed and helpful step-by-step documentation directly to your email.

Users Support

Here is a place where you are sure to get a lot of information for your technical problem. In a short time, the author provides all the support users need with a warranty of up to six months. If you have any questions about the Oxygen WordPress theme, you can always send a message to the author using the “Contact form” by following this link to the profile page.

A Quick Start Guide to Using Elementor

WPBakery is a user-friendly, website-building plug-in that gives you the freedom to design professional pages by dragging and dropping. This guide aims to make the best experience for users by using this platform and creating websites in the most seamless and efficient way possible.

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