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We’ll introduce you to a fully multipurpose business website template that meets modern requirements. Meet Pearl! After a major leap, it delivers new features and unique skins for all niches, allowing you to create a beautiful and eye-catching site in fun new ways. The first thing you’ll notice is how flexible customization is — letting you unleash your creativity and customize it according to your corporate identity.

This item comes with a unique page set that is 100% ready to use right out of the box. This set contains 50+ demos, for example, 10+ Creative Skins, 20+ Corporate Skins, 5+ Entertainment Skins, three Blog, three eCommerce skins, 9+ Health Beauty Skins, etc. That page’s diversity makes it easy to get the unique and attractive online presence you need.

Furthermore, Pearl also provides you with a great diversity of 200+ UI modules — from Google Maps and contact forms to the projects carousel and video list. Moreover, users will be able to build dynamic sliders with Pearl Header Builder. With slider builder, you may customize width and height, add text, and edit animation effects, all while immediate preview changes. And there’s even more!

Who May Utilize Pearl?

Until recently, many people started with a limited budget, and their first step was to hire a professional designer to build a layout for their store, agency, restaurant, or portfolio. Then they try to find a developer to develop a ready-to-use website for them, which is usually quite expensive because a professional designer or developer costs a lot.

Developing sites today is a pretty sophisticated process, but now, more and more popular, ready-made WordPress templates. For those who start with a tight budget, an excellent option is to choose a pre-designed theme that looks attractive yet is affordable.

This theme was designed to help you to create your online presence in many different niches, such as Business, Agency, SEO Marketing, Store, Cafe, Political, Entertainment, Beauty, Lawyer, GYM, Car Shop, Portfolio, Food Delivery, Restaurant, Furniture, Electronics, Medical, Barbershop, etc.

Key Pearl WordPress Theme Features

Ultra Performance

Pearl ultra performance.

Most clients don’t have time to wait for the site to load. So fast loading speed is critical to keep them returning for more!

Pearl is designed to deliver an experience that is easy and convenient to use for the user and the visitors to the site. That is only possible through a combination of excellent hosting and faster page loading speeds. One important aspect that ensures industry-leading performance is optimized for speed. The author tested this item on GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed, and Pingdom, which shows a page speed score (Of 99%).

SEO Optimized

When you open your corporate business and try to sell online, you have one important question: how do customers find your company?

People who find your company online are most likely looking for similar products. For this reason, you have to ensure your website appears higher in search results. Luckily, this theme is SEO optimized and capable of increasing the search engine ranking of your company, whether it is Google, Bing, or Yahoo. It helps potential customers find your products quickly, leading to more traffic, sales, and revenue.

Fully Responsive

As we all know, people use a smartphone more than any other device because it runs on the go all the time, and it’s much easier to get things done. So mobile responsiveness plays a crucial role at this point. As a result, to reach a vast audience, the website should look great on every screen, especially on the phone. Thanks to this feature — your site can resize content to look sharp across all devices.

Full Localization

Pearl Full Localization.

When you try to reach the global market, it’s crucial to have a website that can translate content into your customer’s native language. Due to the WPML plug-in, you’ll receive a vast language library right out of the box, allowing your visitors to explore your content regardless of country, region, or native language.

Cross-browser Compatibility

There are many browsers to choose from. People expect your site to work well on all of them. This template is fully compatible with all web browsers, whether Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, giving everyone a great user experience, regardless of their choice.

Premium Plug-ins

Revolution Slider

After spending a short time with Slider Revolution — you can pick it up very quickly. You’ll fall in love with its incredibly intuitive interface in just a few minutes of use. This premium plug-in is designed to help users to add new visuals to their site, making it unique and completely yours. Some many powerful features and tools are capable of achieving these goals. The entire editing process is based on drag-and-drop, allowing you to create visual effects without touching lines of code. Revolution Slider introduces a massive templates library that includes up to 250+ items for incredibly smooth-looking and eye-catching sliders that impress every visitor.


Let’s talk about WPBakery. This page builder helps you get so much done, whether a pro or a beginner, introducing dozens of capabilities and new ways to work with all themes, content elements, add-ons, templates, and pro features. Plus, it delivers many incredible technologies, including drag-and-drop and live editing, that will improve your building process, making it fast and convenient.

With drag-and-drop technology, users can interact with content in entirely new ways to create complex layouts or edit existing ones by dragging and dropping each element into the free area. Now you don’t need coding skills to make any changes, which makes WPBakery undeniably best for all users. Bring to life any crazy ideas!

Furthermore, it has an incredible set of stunning premium-quality templates that push the boundaries of what’s possible, letting you create astonishing and entirely different sites in minutes. In addition, the built-in skin builder gives you complete control over layouts, so you feel free to change the elements’ style to match your brand identity perfectly.

Easy Social Share Buttons

This feature is important if you want to inform more people about your products or services. Now visitors don’t have to copy and paste links to share with friends or family. You can make it much easier for them by adding these one-click buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Also, in the editor window, you can see all the button settings, including layout, size, colors, animation, shape, and fonts.

Ninja Popups

Due to this plug-in, a pop-up window appears when visitors click on something, making them take action, whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter, reading offers, or discounts. You decide when and where the pop-up appears. This plug-in is helpful, especially if you need more personalized pop-ups responsive to your e-commerce needs.


The author is always happy to help you when you buy this item. From the moment a purchase is made, you can access all the latest updates and up to a six-month warranty. Suppose you ever have any questions, the author quickly responds within one business day and provides excellent assistance to help you find the needed solutions. To stay in touch — follow this link to the profile page and use the message form. However, if you can’t find the message form, you might have to log in.

Extensive Documentation

The documentation is created to provide an intuitive guide throughout the entire use. It describes everything you need, including how to install and use it, and then if you still need help, please feel free to contact the author.

Watch This to be Familiar With WPbakery

Discover the most incredible visual composer yet. We’ll introduce you to the fully compatible plug-in for WordPress, and explore its functionality, including drag and drop interface, adding content elements, images, and changing colors. Briefly, take you through all basics.


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