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Any self-respecting yourself and your business, the entrepreneur must have a magnificent website. That is an important component of your career progress. Opencart is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce resources. This platform allows you to admin customers, coupons, goods, tax rules, orders, codes, and more. StoreFlex OpenCart Template is a multipurpose sample you can access to any variant of your business. You get over 20 modules on your lucrative theme for electronic commerce. All of them are prepared for a quick and successful launch. StoteFlex is not a beginner on the market; more than three successful years of permanent updates, more than 500 delighted customers, and many positive reviews. You may be an owner of sixteen ready-to-edit resources in any sphere.

Key Features of StoreFlex OpenCart Template

Powerful Opencart Admin Panel

You fill your StoreFlex with different content easily because you do it with a powerful Opencart administration interface. This function gives you the possibility to share various pictures and videos, modify any functions, upload texts and posts, add goods, follow up on clients and their payments, and not only this. To find the admin panel and gain access, you must write the shop’s location into the browser and add “/admin”. For instance, you have a company named “Marisas` sweeties”. Type “” and admire editing your creation. Even if you are a freshman in all of this, it is no problem for you to do it easily.

Social Media Friendly

Nowadays, in the powerful social media era, each person in business needs to have a theme with the strong support of social media sites such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, or others. That is a cool instrument to collaborate with clients and increase communication. Your theme should include the required plugins if you want special icons related to popular networks. If you order StoreFlex, you can place this tool on your page. That helps you enhance your authority.

Developed Design

We have already created a non-cluttered, attractive appearance for your website with a wide variety of themes for your business. With StoreFlex, you may save money. You shouldn’t pay additional cash for someone who makes a good looking for your page. You don’t need to waste your precious time on designing. Our great team has already taken care of this. They have selected fashionable colors for each version of your page. Bright pink for fashion, delicate white for weddings, fresh green for fishing, modern black for barbershop, and others. All of these are trendy and ideally suited for your market.

The style of your website largely depends on certain pressures such as the setting of the page in general, accommodation of the blocks and sliders, dropdown menu available, and other things. Our layout allows you to stylize each branch as you wish. But make sure they point to each other.

Mobile Responsive

About 80% of buyers shop online through their smartphones. The StoreFlex is mobile responsive. What does it mean? Availability is an important component of electronic commerce. Your device should adapt quickly. Clients must have the possibility to buy something anywhere: at the bus station, at work (while the employer does not see it), at home, or in a cafe with a cup of coffee. With mobile responsive design, they get your page on a mobile phone in the appropriate size, proportional to your gadget, and in an understandable form. Your customers see all your departments in relevant view:

  • Goods Catalog.
  • Advanced Search.
  • Incoming messages.
  • Languages.
  • Blog.
  • Lookbook.
  • Social networks.
  • Contact information.
  • And other sections.

Customization Options for Your Website.

With our model, you can change the appearance of your shop to short and sweet. That is an important opportunity because this way, your business will be completely unique. Do you want your site to look like a competitor’s site? Of course, no! As an owner of the shop, you want to stand out and be one and only. You have a choice and may customize your website with coding or non-coding (design) ways. If your coding skills are not at a good level, do not worry and order a second variant. We developed an impeccable and comfortable panel where you easily find the style you need. These themes have already had built-in plugin support. With this, you have the opportunity to manage the website without any knowledge of coding. And that’s not all! It is fantastic if you are an experienced designer trained to modify something in Adobe Photoshop. Save the model in a certain format (PSD) and edit colors, design, or layout. Customize your online marketplace carefully. Professionalism, purity, simplicity, and concern for convenience are your best friend in page management.

OpenCart – Best Content Management System for Your Online Business.

The interface of the OpenCart shop is intuitively intelligent. So your customers may buy your products without any problem. There are a lot of benefits to using this resource:

  • Open Source Code

In addition, the StoreFlex OpenCart shop is included with open source code. That helps you to change the system in the way you wish.

  • Detailed documentation

You have to understand what you have to work with. You receive easy-to-understand documentation that will help you use the online marketplace to your advantage.

  • Control all your business simultaneously.

If you have a few pages, the OpenCart admin platform helps you. With this option, you modify any settings at once.

  • Online chat

You get a sample with a chance to chat online. This tool helps your buyers come to a conclusive decision much faster. This option sets you apart from competitors and makes your resource reliable and helpful.

  • Lookbook

You may admiringly demonstrate your goods or services with Lookbook Product Presentation. With this feature, your StoreFlex will be a favorite of all buyers.

  • SearchEngine Optimisation

SEO optimization allows you to increase the flow of customers, increasing your company’s income. Forget about meta tags. By buying StoreFlex, you will be at the top of the search query.

  • Bootstrap OpenCart eCommerce sample

Last but not least, this feature is a free multipurpose framework for creating your site without much effort. With this technology, you generate your shop much more easily.

Free vs. Premium

The eternal dilemma of choosing a free or premium model. Free samples are nice too, and you may order these. However, there is one question: will the functionality provided by the free layout be enough for me? Premium models give you a chance to have a unique appearance, license without limit, an easy management process, all future updates, half a year of technical service, and much more. Premium patterns are also equipped with must-have plugins. Naturally, you have a chance to buy those plugins separately, but most of them are expensive. It is convenient to purchase premium themes like Flatsome because you save money without spending cash on additional options. If you want to ensure that we are the best, click here and try our StoreFlex – Car Parts eCommerce Clean Free OpenCart Template. Enjoy yourself.

Who can use StoreFlex OpenCart Template

StoreFlex is a unique multipurpose model for Opencart. Owning our layout, you have access to six different skins. It doesn’t matter which kind of business you have, with this layout, you can admin:

  • Everything about fashion and beauty.
  • Housekeeping goods and services.
  • Food and traveling.
  • Hobbies and sports supplies.
  • Repair parts.
  • Haircare.
  • Real estate.
  • Goods for cars (for example, wheels and tires).
  • Wood items.
  • Women’s or men’s underwear and nightwear.

Moreover, this list is inexhaustible. If you have a beauty parlor, your brand of clothes, household goods shop, professional cleaning company or other home services, or other activity, our theme fits you perfectly. Also, our template is suitable for travel agencies, barbershops, stores of products for fishing, real estate agencies, wedding business, and car services. That is a unique opportunity for you. Don’t miss it. You can also manage several pages at the same time.

StoreFlex – Responsive Multipurpose OpenCart Template + RTL Video

Templetemonster is a wonderful growing platform where you find a wide diversity of high-quality products. Among their collection, you could find such a multitasking model as StoreFlex. It is more than a standard layout for building an eCommerce website. It is a powerful possibility to have a universal business. Click here and find more info.

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