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Love makes the world go round, as we say. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, choose something that sells. Today, people get to know each other in parks, coffee shops, on the street, and in other public places less and less. The international statistical company Statista collected global data and made the following conclusion: the number of users of dating sites will grow to 280 million, and this is only until 2024. It means that this field is well developed and is only gaining popularity. You need to hurry. To start such an activity, you need a template. Therefore, get acquainted with the Sweet Date theme. It is an extremely cool and modern sample. Our team designed it as a dating website first, but it’s unique because you have the opportunity to customize it according to any other domain. So, stop beating a dead horse. Move on! Buy our layout and enjoy!

Sweet Date Theme Features


It is reliable, contemporary, and complex software with quick navigation and a powerful matching system for your company. Сreatting a profile, registration, suffering members’ profiles from your page, monitoring compatibility with them (using the method developed by BuddyPress), communicating, unifying the groups, socializing, and much more are possible with our Sweet Date WordPress template. You have the opportunity to create your community between colleagues, members of a sports team, like-minded people, members of a political organization, students, or people who have common hobbies such as cinema, theater, poetry, etc. Body Press has a reliable API with which your page looks correct, regardless of the installed WordPress sample. BuddyPress gives you some “perks” in the form of technical support from Akismet and bbPress (some of the most powerful plugins WordPress). You have access to Smart notifications and a Unique profile area. With them, you adjust your profile and easily turn off notifications (new friend requests or new messages in chats). It is important for a dating site and any social network.

Fully Responsive Design and Retina Ready

This function is necessary for any online resource. Your website should be universal and open to all possible gadgets. In this case, all visitors get pleasure from using your company, regardless of what they use (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or even a smart TV, etc.). RWD design allows your resource to adapt to any screen extension. That will make life easier for you and the developers of your website because you don’t have to worry about customizing the appropriate settings for each gadget separately. People used to explore only desktop computers, but now there is a great variety of devices with different screen diagonals, extensions, etc. Agree that no one wants to open a website on the phone and scroll through the material not only up and down but also from side to side. You don’t want to stay on such a resource, and you want to run away.

Apple developed Retina Display as a high-resolution technology. It allows your visitors to look at your world in high quality where it is impossible to distinguish individual pixels. Furthermore, you get QR Code, which assists your customers in switching to the mobile version quickly.

Membership Levels

This branch allows your visitors to assign different roles to each other and set permissions to restrict access to some material on the online resource (by providing a simple user interface), which improves interaction and communication between members. With this plugin, you create roles (and then you can delete or change them), and you also provide opportunities for them. Giving a person multiple positions with different capabilities and denying a person with a certain role from seeing content is all possible. If you want, you have the option to make your social network completely private. The developers took care of your privacy and protection of personal data. As an administrator, you determine which participants may have administrator rights. You have the opportunity to create roles as a hierarchy, where someone has more power, someone less. The Members plugin has its home page, refer to it and learn more.

Just a few more reasons to buy this layout

  • Online status. It is important to have an online status feature. With the help of this option, users will find out whether the person they are interested in is online right now or not. Usually, a mark is added to the status (icon or text). If you have this option, visitors communicate more often, increasing your traffic and profits.
  • Ajax Instant Search. The search is an important element of any site. Your customers should be satisfied, and the search function may help you with this. While someone is typing the title of an article or product, the results are visible in the modal window.
  • rtMedia Ready. Uploading and managing media in several ways, creating video or photo albums with privacy settings (public or private level), presenting material exploring pop-up windows are available. Also, the Sweet Date WordPress model, thanks to rtMedia Ready, gives you the “like” button in the style of Facebook and allows you to download files wherever you want.
  • Facebook Login/Register integration. The ability to join or sign up for your site through Facebook increases the credibility of your business. You need to enable the function in the admin panel.
  • WooCommerce Ready. It is one of the best e-commerce platforms out there. With it, you have the opportunity to sell goods and services in the best possible way.
  • Admin Panel. You get the powerful home page where you may change layouts, order different colors and fronts, and add any information, including multimedia files and many other options with intuitive custom visual shortcodes.
  • Amazing Revolution Slider Plugin. Even if you are not a professional, you have the opportunity to add various interesting components (carousels and sliders) to impress your customers. Your Sweet Date WordPress will be dynamic without any coding. It is great news, isn’t it?

How to choose the right domain for Sweet Date Theme?

To create a website, you need to choose a domain. It is an important decision, and you must be responsible. That plays an important role. If you establish a successful variant, the number of visitors will increase; if unsuccessful, you will lose. In addition, it has an impact on SEO. It is important to observe two criteria: meet technical requirements and visual requirements. More details about this are below.

1. Choose a name

You can use numbers, letters, and symbols. We recommend that you make up your designations from Latin letters so that everyone will understand you. Choose a name from two to sixty-four characters. Do not establish the titles too long. The domain must be understandable and unforgettable for everyone. Try to generate that between 5 and 12 characters long. This option is the most optimal. Conciseness is your best friend. If it is shorter, it is also good if it is not worth more. Names that are too long are hard to remember. In addition, when writing complex or long words, users often make mistakes.

2. Choose a domain zone

It is the set of characters after the name. There are more than 1000 different options for registration. The most common classification is their division into geographic, national, international, thematic, and special. Remember when choosing an extension: “.com” is the most common. It is a safe option for your website. You can also take “.net” or “.org”, which are also popular. Avoid strange unknown extensions.

3. Be creative

Choose something interesting, smart, and cunning. No clichés. It is the basis of your brand: people repeat your title, remember it, and tell others about it. The world is your oyster. Come up with something new, combine words, and look for memorable words. There is such a tool as a domain name generator. Explore all possible instruments, as this will affect the development of your business.

4. Your domain should be easy to type

Please don’t make your customers suffer when they type your name. The worst thing that may happen is when a person writes your title with a mistake, and as a result, they go on the other site. Your domain should be easy to pronounce. Believe us, if people can’t pronounce it, they won’t recommend it to others. It is better to avoid numbers and symbols. Take it easy. No need to complicate.

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