The Best HTML5 Template for You Cryptocurrency Wallet

HTML5 template cryptocurrency wallet main preview
Cryptocurrency wallet template preview

It’s true these days — you don’t need to hire professionals to create or launch your very own site. If you want to make it with less effort and it won’t break the bank too much, you’ve come to the right place because pre-made templates are an excellent option. Cryptocurrency Wallet is one of those themes that make your dream come true. With it, you’ll get more flexibility and convenience, whether designing from scratch or making a few tweaks to the structures. And most importantly, you shouldn’t have to learn how to design or develop because themes are designed for everyone, even though you have nothing to fall back on.

Since nowadays everyone has already heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., and what exactly cryptocurrency is. Many people are trying to mine it or trade it on exchanges. For this reason, having your own wallet is one of the most important things. Utilizing this theme, you won’t even think of looking for something else, since it has almost everything you need.

Core Features

BitrixInfotechPvtLtd introduced an incredible product for everyone who’s engaged in crypto. This template allows users to transform pre-designed structures into specific purposes using a variety of tools. Furthermore, it’s a professional product with many pro features that help you stand out — including Bootstrap4, Retina Ready, W3 Valid, Easy Customization — and more.

Here are the key features you get:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an essential part of your marketing strategy — helping your website get found online on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. This theme is developed with SEO in mind — meaning it’s indexed by search engines and ranks better. It allows you to generate more organic traffic and, generally, more income.

Responsive Design

Responsive is more traffic, and when it comes to designing sites, we care a lot about accessibility to our website. To reach this, the author developed this item with responsiveness, which allows all content elements to fit the environment while scaling automatically.

Five Star Support

Since all users, after purchase, receive up to a six-month warranty (which includes customer service), you can freely get in touch with the author anytime you need some help with installation, setting up, or utilizing it. The author is always there for you and ready to quickly fix any problem you might experience to provide impeccable customer service. Also, you’ll receive detailed and precise documentation that covers everything you need to speed up your workflow.

Drop-down Menu

In some cases, adding a drop-down menu to your top navigation bar gives you more interaction and makes it uncluttered. Drop-down menus allow you to add unlimited sub-titles, images, icons, and links. You can hover over it or press the menu’s title to expand it.

Light/Dark Mode

If you use your phone in dark mode or some apps, you’ll notice that they always have this toggle to choose between a full dark mode or a light mode. This theme also enables you to use it in dark or light mode, depending on your preference.

Watch to Know About Plugins

Plugins improve functionality and bring a new designing and developing experience to WordPress, so people can utilize it to increase functionality even further and use it in a magical new way. To find plugins — people go to the WordPress gallery. If you’re unfamiliar with plugins, what they are, and how to work with them, in this video, we’ll go through all of it.


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