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The Internet is an integral part of the life of each of us. In this environment, we receive and share information, shop, find directions, get expert advice, play games, listen to music, play games, and much more. During the transformation and digitization, savvy entrepreneurs realized that this is where they should build their businesses. Despite the great competition, it is easy to succeed if your product or favor is high quality. Themex WordPress theme helps you create an online business at the highest level with a stunning responsive design, a wide selection of layouts and demos, with quality code.

The sample has more than 85 widgets and more than 800 styles. Be a winner with an award-winning template. It is a customer favorite, with over 30,000 satisfied customers recommending it. There is no need to waste time; buy Themex and get a cool income later.

Main Features Of Themex WordPress Theme

To have an amazing site, you must have steep options. With this offer, you obtain the best on the market. You will be successful. With the powerful Elementor Page Builder, editing is a real pleasure. There is no need to waste effort learning a programming language. The constructor is easy to operate. Drag and drop any elements to assemble your project unforgettable. Bootstrap Framework, Child model compatible, Crossbrowser compatibility, and more are available. You have this and more without any coding.

An impressive number of possibilities

With our offer, you have no limitations with functionality. Widgets are the best way to extend your website without a single line of code. They add not only aesthetic appearance to your work but also utility. Some of them may collect statistical data based on which the owner of the web resource completes analysis and improves marketing. The developers provide you with more than 85 widgets that enhance your service.

The look of the web resource should be memorable and captivating. For this, you have a modern design, more than 20 styles for headers, more than ten settings for the footer, the best fonts from Google (500+), unlimited colors, styles for logos, etc. Picture widgets allow you to upload and post pictures or share them on social networks. Create carousels, collages, and mockups. Include creativity to construct your project unique.

All parameters and settings are easy to utilize. Insert the classic and drop-down menu. It is a mandatory element that every site requires. This way, your buyer moves from one section to another without restrictions. The menu should simplify navigation. Place this component so that the client may intuitively find it. Accessibility is key here. The structure should be informative, and the organization of elements should be competent. Sticking to one concept helps keep visitors from getting lost.

Electronic mailing for your customers

Make it possible for people to subscribe to your newsletter from your website. MailChimp is a favorite of most email marketers because it has an intuitive interface and a testing function. It is also possible to set up parameters for advertising on popular social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. The pre-built templates help you avoid writing new ones. File manager assists you in saving various files (pictures, documents) that you have already used for mailing. The plugin allows you to view reports to determine how effective the newsletter is. You always have access to the list of your subscribers and their data.

Mailchimp is very popular, with over 25 million downloads of this plugin. People who have dealt with it give a high rating. A tough feature is that you can form beautiful shapes and combine them with existing forms (for placing orders, contacts, or comments). There are several types of emails in MailChimp. If you require a standard HTML newsletter, utilize a regular letter. Automated messages are sent without your participation. It depends on the actions performed by the user. For example, a first letter to get to know each other, a request for feedback, a birthday greeting, or instructions on actions to be taken. For fast and short messages – Plain-text. A/B Test helps you analyze which emails subscribers like more, when it is best to send, and other factors.

One-click demo import

You must try the demo versions developed by a team of real professionals. There are several reasons for this. A demonstration saves you time and lets you understand if this is what you want. You see how the page works and where various elements are located (footers, headers, images, texts, etc.). Make sure that the administration panel is convenient and easy to operate. It is the best way for you if you are just a beginner. There is no need to produce everything yourself from scratch. All demonstrations are prepared in the best possible way. We took care of the design, placement of elements, colors, layouts, collages, icons, and more. You have a wide choice; now, more than 50 unique and chic demos are available.

Since each demo has its theme, you will surely find one that suits you and your business. The developer is working hard and tries to include two new variants weekly. That means the library is constantly updated, and you obtain modern demos regularly. Please refer to the documentation. There it is indicated how to install the demo version. Information and a video guide on how to set up the demonstrations are there. It’s cool to be able to see the website in action. No need to understand a complex product. All you have to accomplish is adding your content.

Three more reasons to purchase Themex

In very deed, there are many advantages to this proposal. Check out all on the main page.

  • GPL License. The General Public License is a widely used free software license. Every time you install software, a big document appears on the screen, which you usually don’t read (it’s wrong), and asks you to agree. That’s it. A nice benefit is that this license doesn’t try to limit the actions you take on WordPress (unlike others).
  •  Background videos can add dynamism and attract the attention of people who come to your web resource for the first time. It is a beautiful extension that brings the page to life. However, this task is not simple. Take care of the sound, the size, and the technical side.
  • Quickstart Package. This function is necessary for you, especially if you are new to the market. You download the sample and all demos with it in a few clicks. A long installation is not necessary. Start earning money fast.

Who Can Use Themex WordPress Theme?

You’re in luck because Themex is unique in its versatility. IT, legal, construction, finance, and other companies love to utilize our offer. If you are the lucky owner of a car service, real estate agency, medical or educational institution, you should buy Themex. Our clean and flexible style goes well with any activity.

If you have come up with something new and want to show it to the world, you must have a startup site. With WordPress, one of the coolest content management systems, you manage, change, and share content effortlessly. Operate wide sliders and convenient carousels to assemble your startup modern. Put the most important information on the first page. Contains pictures, video content, and other dynamic components.

Since the layout works perfectly with WooCommerce, you may construct an online store. It is one of the best ways to make a quick profit. You have everything you ought to set up a store where you can sell clothes, shoes, accessories, digital equipment, furniture, DIY, cosmetics, toys, food, and more.

You should inform your customers about the particular service if you sell favors. Take ready-made templates for the text to fit this information there and choose a beautiful font. The presentation of the service should be clear and informative. With our offer, you sell favors in the following areas:

  • programming;
  • medicine;
  • marketing;
  • cleaning;
  • education;
  • consulting;
  • advertising;
  • security;
  • delivery;
  • law.

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