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Today it has never been more important to have a website for your business. Websites offer many advantages, whether you are a sole proprietor or run a large company. For this reason, there’re many options on how to get one. You can hire a freelancer or turn to a professional web design firm, or if you are just starting and have a limited budget, it’s a good idea to pay attention to ready-made templates. The X Theam is perfect.

It can be useful for any person with any goal. It suits for marketing, e-commerce, agencies, food trucks, restaurants, education, real estate, startup, spa, gyms, apps, auto shops, lawyers, or anything else. It’s designed to be multipurpose, allowing you to reach as much purpose as you may think of. In addition, individual entrepreneurs also will be happy to use this one. Imagine you run a personal blog, or let’s say you are a photographer, or even if you have a band. Well, whatever it is — you can not go wrong with the X Theam.

Why are WordPress Themes Perfect for You?

There’re a lot of benefits out there to choosing ready-to-use templates.

Firstly, it’s cheaper than hiring a professional web designer and waiting a month or even longer until it’s ready.

Secondly, when it comes to deciding what the design should be, it’s really hard, but you’ll be shocked by how many unique and beautiful items are on the marketplace to choose from. And most importantly — you can view them all, compare, and select what you need.

Thirdly, the power of ready-made templates also extends in that they already have blocks and elements in the right places, defining the design should be — all you have to do is add your content.

In a nutshell — you don’t need to be a pro to build a professional and eye-catching website.

Top Main Benefits of X Theam

Search Engine Optimization

The author has designed this item fully SEO optimized. Users have been blown away by the excellent optimization for all search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and beyond. Thanks to this, search engines better index your website and elevate it to the right at the top of search results, allowing you to draw more traffic.

Responsive for all devices

Many people rely on their smartphones every day. They complete many tasks, such as making calls, sending messages, listening to songs, watching movies, browsing, and shopping online. For this reason, if you want to engage as many customers as possible — your website should be mobile-friendly.

Due to this template, every element of your content will automatically and fluidly transform itself as needed, regardless of whatever visitors use, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or monitor with 8K resolution. So now it is possible to see your content on all devices.

User Friendly

The X Theam is easy to use but incredibly feature packed. It lets you artfully create unique, complex layouts or edit existing ones. With a highly intuitive interface, you edit page blocks in many different ways and bring any crazy ideas to life with ease. Additionally, it’s powered by WPBakery, which makes it easier for users to edit, create, and move elements conveniently, giving you an entirely new way of customization. All this is possible in just a few clicks, yet all changes are instantly visible.

Powerful Extensions

Revolution Slider

This plug-in is a powerful tool. Revolution Slider has always been about the best for creating animation effects. It delivers 200+ pre-made templates to create dynamic content, making it more impressive, motion, and eye-catching. So thanks to this, you will be able to create all sorts of graphics, like motion animation, image and video sliders, parallax effects, pop-up windows, many different types of showing products, and so much more.

Smooth scroll

When visitors try to scroll down the page with the mouse wheel, they get nice full-page animation. This effect will be perfect on the landing page, shopping website, or whatever you want. The nice thing is that it makes your site fluent to customize, which increases the user experience, and it’s compatible across all browsers.

Premium Plug-ins


WooCommerce is a perfect tool for those of you who want to create an online store in minutes.

Developers wanted it to feel intuitive for anyone. Customers have been absolutely blown away by its easy-to-use interface, convenient dashboard, and amazing features, allowing them to manage an online store like a pro.

This plug-in is capable of turning a WordPress site into an online store. But there’s even more that it can do. Its managing features allow you to set up products, payment gateways, shipping options, and beyond. Moreover, you do not even need to code to make any changes. What’s even more impressive is that you can use an app on your smartphone to operate your e-commerce store — even when you are on the go. Thanks to all these features, you completely control your online business.


WPBakery is a page builder plug-in specially developed for WordPress fans, making the whole site creation process much more effortless. It has an intuitive toolbar with all the necessary tools and powerful features.

Having all this power, the power that most page builders just do not have, lets you quickly and conveniently design or redesign your layouts. So you may get different styles of footers and headers, change the font, create buttons with smooth animation and glowing hover effects, and even move the elements and blocks using the mouse.

The ability to do all of these things and so much more is easier than ever without touching a line of code. And what’s most incredible is that’s offers one of the most powerful technologies that reimagines page creation: drag and drop. With this tool, moving every piece of content to any part of your layout is effortless, and what is even more impressive — you do not need to write any line of code.

One thing to keep in mind is that once you pearches this product, you get this plug-in for free.


Having this premium plug-in is essential, especially for online stores. It’s capable of adding a dropdown menu.

What our users love about it is its flexibility, which lets you edit layouts the way you want, according to the brand style. This plug-in delivers many different animations. In addition to animation effects, there are a lot of pre-designed templates and many other things, making the menu more interactive, simple, and easy to use.

Moreover, it also has social sharing buttons and Google Analytics integration, which is essential to get as much information as possible about your traffic.

Get Support

Once you place an order, you will receive not only an item but wonderful help as well. The author offers a warranty of up to six months, including answers to your questions and any assistance with issues you might have. Furthermore, all your problems will be resolved within one business day.

Extensive Documentation

THEMECO aims to give a perfect customer service experience. So with the template, you receive extremely helpful documentation with all the necessary information to set up and install it. However, one thing to remember, if it’s difficult to use, the author is always there to help. To get in touch is simple: go to the main page and use the contact form.

Short Video About Plug-ins

The author delivers a lot of powerful plug-ins. But if you’re a first-time user, please watch the video for conveniently using and installation.


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