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Searching for job opportunities is an important part of anyone’s life. So, searchers think about how to be a good candidate for HR. Many people order Word resume templates for this purpose. However, not every person knows about the existence of such a service. Although the products have such a huge number of advantages after studying them, you definitely won’t give up the idea of purchasing. Therefore, today we’ll tell you more about the proposals and give several tips on selecting and filling out the resumes. We’ll also provide examples of successful searching on TemplateMonster since the marketplace has a large selection. Therefore, after reading the material, you’ll know whether such a document is important and how to use it. Find out which proposition to order.

Discovering Word Resume Templates

This product is blank with a design with which you can create a presentable CV. We all know that the first acquaintance with a candidate for a vacancy occurs during the electronic variant study. The person is invited for an interview if the experience and some parameters are suitable.

Your future depends on how the finished document looks. It may tell your face in the professional world. The content has a lot of meaning. Without special experience, a firm won’t hire you. A presentable appearance indicates that you tried and were not too lazy.

So, such service is very meaningful in your life. Therefore, development firms approach the matter responsibly. Often they add many useful functions so that you may achieve the desired result. Among them are the choice of color scheme, mockups, the elements’ arrangement on the page, and the choice of font. However, we discuss this in more detail below.

Features Of Themes To Create The Perfect CV

Of course, like any other goods, propositions on TemplateMonster have their own characteristics. Please note that the creators may be different firms. However, this is even better because you discover the entire list and what is unique in this category.

A4 Paper Format With Cut

The option is implemented to be able to provide the file in print. Employers often want to know about skills before making a decision. Also, note that all topics are standardized.

2 in 1 – Layout For CV And Cover Letter

If you are applying for a high position or a high salary, then most large companies ask you to write your vision for a couple of standard questions. It may be your plans for the future, how you see yourself within their company, or what goals you set for a new position.

Here a ready-made cover letter comes to the rescue. All documents are created in the same style, and the color scheme favors such a candidate for a vacancy.

Ready To Print

The item is directly related to the first one. Be sure to bring the printed file to the meeting. It gives the impression that you were preparing for a visit and acquaintance. Of course, the print must be on a color printer. Pay attention to the quality of made pages. Unlike a statistical print shop, not every printer handles large fill areas. Therefore, don’t choose dark solid-color layout functions unless you have a professional printer or similar equipment in your area.

Quick And Easy To Use

People without such experience set up Word resume templates without difficulties. Of course, without knowledge of graphic editors, you won’t make many adjustments to the graphics. However, consider whether you need it. It’s easier to choose a ready-made version, add your work experience, education, skills, and hobbies there and send it right away.

Advanced users always get creative with the purchase. Most importantly, remember that the information is located and structured logically. Therefore, there is no need to implement drastic changes. Better follow the recommendations from the developers.

More Icons Included

Of course, in most cases, they are also fully edited. Such bonuses do the appearance of pages in a more multifaceted and interesting way for the reader. Cool graphics always attract attention.

Only Free Fonts

Remember, buyers won’t be disadvantaged in the matter of diversity. There are plenty of variants to pick yours. Remember the simple rule of readability. Hooks and curls look spectacular, but when there is a lot of text, and you need to concentrate on the essence of what is written, they distract the reader.

Low Price – High Demand

Thanks to the availability in the price list, the services are becoming more popular. The numbers are symbolic, to put it bluntly. Such investment pays off, and the finished version of the CV won’t be able to go unnoticed. It’s a pity that not all people know about the existence of such proposals. That is why we are trying to tell more about them.

Reasons To Buy Word Resume Templates

The reason is clear to every person, and it’s one – to get an excellent job. Unfortunately, you have to fight for the place of your dreams. Sometimes the number of candidates for a few positions may be in the tens. Therefore, you need to stand out from the crowd.

But there are several reasons to buy the development:

  • Low price. What do you lose by paying, say, $15? The amount is small. But the purchase is very profitable and presentable, cool, modern appearance.
  • More modern and stylish graphics compared to free variants. Of course, some developments readers can obtain for free. However, such a look as paid Word resume templates, of course, never be. After all, a group of specialists worked on the perfect result to create an amazing offer for you.
  • Easy use. Many developers include instructions for use with the purchase itself. Therefore, even if you have never been familiar with similar proposals, the document helps to implement the most necessary adjustments and editing.

As you may see, the finished designs are inexpensive, look great, and are easy to work with. The advantages and reasons to order are obvious. Now you need to figure out where to call and what to choose.

Where To Buy Convenient, Highest Quality, And Inexpensive Versions

TemplateMonster comes to mind first. The site with many years of experience contains so many offers that even the most demanding client usually finds a suitable solution. Not surprising because the marketplace hosts the works of different manufacturers.

This fact concerns the pros because you compare what the best developers offer for about the same price. Consequently, competition is also high, and firms are trying to do better work. As a result, customers receive incredibly high-quality, useful, and easy-to-use products.

This fact concerns the pros because you compare what the best developers offer for about the same price. Consequently, competition is also high, and firms are trying to do better work. As a result, customers receive incredibly high-quality, useful, and easy-to-use products.

As for TemplateMonster, here are several reasons to cooperate with this site:

  • Competitive costs and selection of proposals. Yes, the goods are pre-assessed by the marketplace. After all, company employees want people to buy on their website. To do this, you need to work out propositions.
  • Constant list updating. You never find outdated appearances and old-school and unfashionable graphics. New releases come out regularly, and TemplateMonster keeps the list up-to-date.
  • Discounts. Who doesn’t love getting the same but cheaper? Such tempting offers come often. They are distributed randomly. Therefore, you may not be afraid that the sale only affects low-rating layouts. Among the discounts are quite high-quality and popular Word resume templates.
  • A wide selection not only in this category. The marketplace provides many possibilities for work in the design field. These will be themes for websites and online stores, presentations, and more.
  • Old history. Great experience suggests that the guys understand what they propose. Hence, it guarantees a bargain for visitors.

Therefore, safely apply and immediately go to TemplateMonster to search for new layouts.

How To Choose The Right Option

So, you are planning to search for a new job and want to find the best place. Great, because often such changes are only for the better. However, how do you get what you want? Let’s say you want a certain position in a particular company. Don’t try to be among the first to send your quick CV. Spending extra hours on this is better, but the file makes the right impression on the personnel manager.

So, you learned about the existence of wonderful ready-made appearances that intrigue and attract the right attention of the employer. Now decide which appearance version to choose. If you follow the link, you’ll see countless developments. Therefore, you need to sort only the options that are relevant to you. How to do a job right? Below we give an example of TOP tips regarding the choice.

Trick 1 – Job Area

If you have already opened the link, more than three thousand proposals are in it. On the left is a filter, with which you must create the list correctly. In it, the reader finds Topics, where he selects specific activity areas and designs for them. Popular examples include:

  • Business and services.
  • Fashion and beauty industry.
  • Sports and travel.
  • Photo and design.
  • Home and family.
  • Society.
  • Education.
  • Restaurants, bars, and food.
  • Real estate.
  • Computer and technology.

All categories are divided into more specific activity areas. However, readers shouldn’t narrow the search so much if, in the end, there are, say, up to 20 points left.

Please note that the division into different directions of vacancies isn’t accidental. The layout considers the job specifics based on the developers’ vast experience. So, customers get the perfect proposition.

Trick 2 – Black Or Gray Matters

The psychology of color has been studied for a long time. It’s known that it’s possible to influence a person’s mood with the help of certain shades and even evoke emotions. Try to implement this good practice during your job search.

Select specific colors in the marketplace filter. As a result, you see a collection according to the given parameters.

Trick 3 – Study The Rating

We cannot say that it’s necessary to apply this parameter. However, pay attention to it when you can’t choose between a couple of offers. In the filter, of course, there is also such a possibility.

The rating within the marketplace is formed based on customer reviews. However, not all profitable products can even have one review. Maybe it’s a cool novelty, but no buyer has bought it yet. Therefore, there’ll be no TOP rating.

Trick 4 – For Lovers Of Proven Bestsellers

Sort the list of three thousand offers. One of the useful examples is sorting by a category such as Bestseller. At the list’s top are the most popular and proven by the experience of buyers’ services.

If you are a fan of reliable classics, the variant of such a selection is just right. Don’t think you’ll see old looks. In principle, they aren’t on TemplateMonster. Rather, these are products that have established themselves as the most popular. So many appreciate this appearance.

Trick 5 – Choose New Items

The searchers also find this option in the sorting located directly above the proposals list. On the first pages, you’ll see the latest works from designers, and you can be the first buyer. Therefore, uniqueness is guaranteed.

Remember, new items often don’t yet participate in the rating. That’s why they won’t get into the TOP of the rankings or the Bestsellers. It’s important to check this parameter because searchers may dig up a real treasure.

Best Word Resume Templates

We have compiled for you the TOP examples recommended for purchase. Below you see great deals, cool prices, and a chic appearance. Of course, you are free to find your variants. We rely on the selection recommendations that were described earlier. Look at bestsellers, rankings, and new items. So let’s start the review.

UX Designer

UX Designer Word Resume Template

A modern layout includes a lot of interesting things at the price of only $ 5. For example, includes PSD, EPS, PDF, AI, and DOC files. Pleasant tones and extraordinary photo presentations make your presentable file more diverse and interesting. This representative is a classic version of the novelty. Low price and cool appearance make it noticeable and in demand. We think that after a while, the development has every chance to get into the bestseller list.

Web Developer CV

Web Developer Word Resume Template

Another representative from the category of new proposals. You’ll appreciate the clean design. The fully customizable pages give you unlimited editing options. Compatibility with the most famous graphic editors will be a boon for those who know how to work in Illustrator and Photoshop. Try using the layout for jobs such as fashion and beauty, marketing, public relations, account manager, modeling, beauty and health, skin and body care, web development, and graphic designers.

Clean & Modern Resume

Clean Modern CV Template

This candidate is a classic of the genre. Bright elements ennoble style, conciseness, and simplicity. Great for men and women. Emphasizes the severity of the activity type, while it has details in warm colors. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop. A large space for text makes it possible to indicate, in fact, your skills, experience, and education. Adding personal hobbies, qualities, and aspirations won’t be superfluous. Suitable for strict professions. For example, banking and finance, office workers, accountants, designers, programmers, and management positions.

Gariel Masarena

Gariel Masarena Word Resume Template

Now let’s look at some cool, presentable, and trendy Bestsellers. Gariel Masarena is the first to tell. However, these layouts are made in gray colors, with the addition of yellow. Suitable for both creative professions and financiers, analysts, and statisticians. It has a separate cool dark field on the left of each page, where buyers specify key information about the university, contacts, and names of previous companies with which you collaborated. The competent structure of the document is organized and easy to understand. In addition, buyers receive a layout version for an accompanying letter in the same style. The development is compatible with any laptop, including Mac. The price of $10 turns the proposition into one of the most popular.

Professional CV

Professional Word Resume Template

Consider this offer if you are a fan of conciseness and incredible minimalism. Severity, simplicity, and masculine features are characteristic of this appearance. This point turns the proposition universal and suitable for almost all professions. The developers position their offerer as created specifically for teachers or leading courses and circles. A distinctive feature is the lack of an area for photography, which is quite appropriate in the education field.

Even though you see gray shades in the preview, the colors are changeable. Also, choose fonts according to your vision. For more detailed information, please follow the link.

Aliya CV

Aliya Word Resume Template

Again, the $10 price tag is incredibly low for a bestseller. The style and main elements mean that the pages can be used by men and women equally. Competent organization of information, style, beautiful colorful blue accents – these are the features. Like other suggestions, Aliya is easy to edit and use. The file is ready to print. There are standardized sizes for A4. Ideally compatible with graphic editors to give individuality if desired by the buyer.

The included instructions are a useful bonus. Note that there are many such documents. Please pay attention to this add-on when ordering.

Jane Resume

Jane Resume Template

We selected the last three examples ourselves. They are also at the TOP of the ranking. This point means that a positive review was left by someone who has already used the purchase. Jane is an extraordinary presentation of photography, positive color accents, and a fancy composition of elements. Light, clean, positive pages. Perfect for male and female professions. Such a representative among Word resume templates are an excellent alternative for those who don’t want gray.

All meaningful options are there, and the developer’s company emphasizes ease of use.


Earthtone Word Resume Template

Also extraordinary in its execution. Interesting shades of blue in the preview let us know they look awesome and stylish. Also, it seems expensive and presentable. Nothing extra in the graphic. Only conciseness and tastefully chosen color scheme. Sure, customers may change a lot. According to previews, get the best final result. Compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Note that the mockup is universal. Due to its simplicity, it suits anyone who wants and is looking for a job.

Jonathan Printable CV

Jonathan Smith Word Resume Template

At first glance, the development is similar to the others described earlier. But during a detailed examination, readers see small blue details. Don’t also forget about the ability to edit fonts to add personality. Advanced users of Photoshop can implement a bright and unique layout out of pages. In terms of technical features, it’s similar to previous candidates. It consists of a two-page file and a separate cover letter in a single style concept.


Among the possibilities for how to arrange your CV, there are many worthy ones. Described creations from competent programmers are simple, inexpensive, and useful tools. It’ll be much easier to get into an interview with him. After all, not all candidates approach the creation of a file so thoroughly. Buy, and never regret it.

Word Resume Templates FAQ

What are Word resume templates?

The developments help customers create a beautiful, meaningful, and stylish CV thanks to the ready-made look. Remember that graphics and many details are editable. So, try to make the best outstanding file with the help of the services.

How to use Word resume templates?

Send the finished edited file to the HR manager’s email. Thanks to the ready-printed version, bring your data on paper directly to the meeting. The printed version is implemented in almost all developments. So, write important information, then go to any print office to make a copy.

How to edit Word resume templates?

Most of these services come with instructions. Please read the detailed description or contact support to know whether you received a document. It has all important step-by-step manuals for great work.

Where to find Word resume templates?

Various websites are selling similar services. We recommend TemplateMonster, which has won the trust of many over several years. Thanks to the simplicity of the portal itself, your shopping will be crowned with success.

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